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Weird "Third Person" Blind Review Comments


Hi Fiverr’ss

I have noticed recently that feedback comments left by buyers are in a third person fasion.
Almost like the “extra private” feedback is the one that actually gets posted…
Also the buyers comments are more descriptive than usual. Weird and detached.
Anyone notice this strange trend


Nope, not me. But then buyers seem to be leaving less reviews too. :thinking:


I haven’t been getting many reviews. It’s too difficult without providing a manual first.


Leaving a review is? I just placed two orders and found it quite simple. :blush:


There is that, but here is an example
5* Thanks, Steve did a great job for us …
5* The seller reminded us that a commercial licence was required. And we explained that we will not need it. He explained very professionaly his services. Blah blah
WHAT ???


I think they’ve changed the way it’s presented to the buyer. The wording for feedback must be different. I imagine something like “Let other buyers know how your experience was to help them better decide”

as @vickiespencer said, I’ve also noticed they are less inclined to leave feedback at all.

I run a “Live Portfolio” and haven’t had anyone put anything on it on over 4 months!
Obviously, that’s not checked by default anymore.

I think the “Blind Feedback” system has made buyers reluctant to leave feedback. Doing nothing is safer than taking a chance on bad feedback for them. I don’t blame them. It’s not that they’ll get bad feedback, just that now they have a reason to fear giving feedback, however unfounded it is


This is from two weeks or so ago.

Live portfolio is still checked as default, but it’s not a checkbox to uncheck now anymore but you’d need to click on the image thumbnail itself to uncheck it, so IMO actually it’s easier to not notice the option and thus to not untick it but maybe that’s just me.

I agree with Vickie, it’s not exactly rocket science and also you get reminded to leave a review by Fiverr. When I hadn’t reviewed a delivery right away and went back to the gig to do it at a later point, there was a big green banner on top:


That explains a lot.
There is saying I remember in sales some years ago that could be applied to a buyer.
“A bad sales man spends 25% of the time making a sale
And 75% selling themselves out of it”
…Meaning saying to much once the deal is done, will only cause confusion, and doubt to a buyer…Let the flipping customer leave a darn review with prompting


Thanks for the screencap!
(I never knew about the skills endorsement)
Guess my buyers just know to uncheck it (live portfolio).


I don’t know, I think it’s been more complicated some time ago actually, I dimly remember having had to click myself through several pages, maybe all the 5 steps separately that are all in 1 step as in the screenshot, and even once having had to start from step zero again when I’d recklessly tried to click the browser back button once to check if I really had given all the stars and not accidentally only hit 4 or so :wink: .
I think it’s like this or pretty similar since quite a while now.

@liquidlettuce You’re welcome. Yes, you can “endorse” skills that the seller has on their profile, so it really makes sense to put some in case you haven’t yet.


It may be because they want to be anonymous about from who and what type of services they buy.


Its been a couple of weeks since this feature rolled out. I have requested this feature in September from the support and glad it was implemented. I have requested more features, don’t know when they will be implemented. :slight_smile:

The feedback left by sellers is now visible on a buyer’s profile. So, one can know more about the buyer, can know his/her experience with other sellers. Its very much useful.



Excellent point that the language in a call for feedback can influence the feedback given. It would be really interesting to see what trends develop from that change in language.


I haven’t ordered anything from Fiverr in a really long time, so seeing this buyer perspective is really helpful. Thank you!!


I was joking! I’m glad it’s simple but why don’t more do it? We can’t even ask or we get in trouble.


Rude or bad buyers better watch out :smiling_imp: