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Weird user talking about another Freelancer website


I’m making this topic because i’m wondering if someone can enlighten me.

I received a message from a User and his request was kind of strange. He explain to me, with a very messy English, that his account on another Freelancer website. At first, i wasn’t aware of that website so i used his name and my message got blocked and it is now being reviewed by the Trust and Safety team. I blocked him directly after that, feeling something fishy…

Did someone ever experienced it ?
Thanks if you read it.


This is a well-known scam on Fiverr. If you searched the forum, you’d realize that there are hundreds of forum posts (just like yours) on this issue. It’s usually the new Fiverr sellers who are targeted because the scammers think they have a better chance at scamming them.

Yeah, good job on blocking him. In the future, first respond by saying something like “No” (it’s important to respond as there’s a bug which sometimes lowers your response rate if you do not respond to spam messages) and then report the user’s message as spam before blocking them.

These scammers almost always tell you to do something that violates Fiverr’s ToS in one way or the other (like asking you to contact them off of Fiverr via email/sk ype or asking for your personal details etc). So, as long as you have thoroughly read through and understood Fiverr’s Terms of Service (which every Fiverr user should), you will know the Do’s and Don’ts of the platform, and this will keep you protected from such scammers.

Good luck! :sunny:

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Thank you for your answer !
I will follow your advices now.

Good luck to you too !

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scam. we aren’t allowed to talk to users outside of fiverr.

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