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Weirdest message/request you've ever gotten?

I remember one time a customer messaged me and said “Could you please tell me how I killed my wife?”
And honestly that message still haunts me till this day.

Anyways what’s the weirdest message/request you’ve gotten to date?


I recall a funny one…

Out of the blue, a seller sent me a custom offer for me to accept and place the order with him. :grimacing: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Needless to say he got reported at once! :joy:


My weirdest one was from a woman who wanted me to write her about page for a beauty salon. That was fine. However, she then wrote a long story about herself. This centered on how when she was a child, her family packed the car to go on vacation.

Cutting a long story short, her brother somehow fell out of the boot of the car on the highway (as it was moving). Then she described in graphic detail how she watched her brother pass away in the most grotesque way possible.

I wasn’t sure if the message was a windup. However, thee was no way I could write the about page she was looking for. In this case, I just said I was sorry but I couldn’t help.

There was another one in the early days too. I was offering ebook formatting an a buyer ordered only to have me convert some erotica he’ written.

It was quite graphic. A waitress was finishing her shift in the bar an as she was about to leave, thought "what the hell, let’s just get obscenely intimate with everyone before I clock off."

Anyway, in the Word file the buyer sent me, his real name showed up in the metadata. Out of interest, I Google it and discovered that the buyer was a semi-famous children’s book author.

I thought it best to let the buyer know how to hide this information in case someone ever decided to blackmail him. However, this went very wrong and the buyer assumed I was trying to blackmail him. That lead to the most awkward and abusive message exchange I’ve ever had. However, it was 5-years ago now.


Some guy keeps messaging me for years now and then how he wants a spell to make his sister in law have sex with him on command.

The weirdest ones I can’t even say here.

Getting offered $20,000 to find someone a wife in the US was one of the latest ones.

I get long strange detailed personal messages quite a bit and I skip reading them now. These are people who send them off to multiple people in my category and just want a lot of people to read them. They are looking to have long conversations with someone.

Select the people user name and direct flag them fiverr will take care about your flag. and report :slight_smile:

I had a customer ask me to do an unboxing video. This seems a bit odd already, but consider the fact that I write music on fiverr; unboxing is not a service I offer, and I never have. They asked if I live in the United States so they could ship it, but their profile is from China? I did not trust it and declined the offer.

I don’t know what it is about my profile (possibly my Science education and background) but I constantly get requests to do university reports / assignments on a variety of topics.