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Weirdest Writing Request Ever


Up until this morning, I had never really gotten a weird writing request, but this one officially starts the list as both odd and sad:

In case it isn’t clear, I turned it down.


Hmmm, the guys I know usually complain when I email their moms…


I mean there are weird requests, but this one is the cherry on the top.

Just for fun, you can accept and send an e-mail that would say “Hi, Mom! How are you” and deliver. Afterwards, explain why it’s better for him to contact his own mom :joy:


Not judging your answer but on the other side you may see this a peace mission, a la UN :), and a way to earn a buck or two while doing a good deed,


You were right to turn it down. For one thing it is dishonest. For another thing, you don’t know this person yet are supposed to pretend you do.
It’s a creepy request.


What if it’s not really what it seems. Like if it’s fake, eg. some reporter seeing if people will do it and reporting on it or what if it is actually from the mother/writer? Or maybe it’s just a joke.


I thought now way when she requested Sydney spend 60 minutes to read her mom’s blogs and books descriptions and offered $5. Or were you going to get paid extra for that?