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Welcome - Another New Member of the Moderation Team

Many of you are familiar with the usual moderators ( @eoinfinnegan, @annai80 and me- @fonthaunt), and by now you have met our new addition last week - @sue_mcl .

:fireworks: We’ve added yet another new member to the team today! Say welcome @wp_kid, Earid, to help us out with keeping our community clean.

@wp_kid is a WordPress expert from Bangladesh! We are excited to have him join us in our never-ending fight against spam and attacking bigfoots! WELCOME EARID! :exclamation: :globe_with_meridians::champagne: :cake::exploding_head:


:purple_heart::black_heart:@wp_kid :black_heart::purple_heart:

:sparkles: Earid is a really good guy. I’m sure you’ll make the forum cleaner & better.
Sooooo excited for you! Cheers! :sparkles:

The plus side is with another male added to the team. @eoinfinnegan doesn’t have to feel like a rare piece of :cut_of_meat: the oddball lol… And, and he gained a new :soccer: soccer chat buddy. Well, maybe? maybe not? Ahem are you into soccer Earid? :sweat_smile:


@wp_kid Welcome and congratulation. It is really a great feeling having a moderator from Bangladesh. I hope you will make difference.


@wp_kid Congrats, it’s really great to see a moderator from Bangladesh. :heart_eyes:


Yaaay Congrats @wp_kid


So many responsibilities. I will put my best efforts.
Thanks to the community <3 it’s an honor :sunflower: to be a moderator here.

@nikavoice I’m not a sports lover anyway, Just Game of Thrones & Harry Potter fan :smile: :sunflower: Gracious.


Mashallah. :slightly_smiling_face:

LOLz, different strokes for different folks. :stuck_out_tongue: Here’s a cool quiz to take in your free time.

It’s good :smiley:



But…then you must be a Quidditch wiz or fan!

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A bookworm :bug: aye! :grin:

I guess it’s only fair that I reveal mine. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm, interesting! :thinking:


@nikavoice Pretty cool!

@miiila For now, I’m just Fan of Azkaban Prison :smiley:

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Do they allow internet access to prisoners? That could be a plan to get rich with Fiverr, only doing gigs, no spending any money. :wink:


In Azkaban we have Internet, but no mouse & keyboard :wink:

:thinking: I’ll have to pass then, can’t do without my mouse, I’ve grown attached to that tiny creature. It breathes so cutely.

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@wp_kid, you don’t have your wand either, do you?

I mean with your modding duties n stuff… I guess our trip to you know where will be postponed. :confused::weary:

The life of a mod. :stuck_out_tongue:


Feeling so exited and proud to see you in the moderator team as I’m from BD.


I have a magic mouse :mage:


Before both threads are closed, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has welcomed our new moderators (see this thread and the earlier one) and the team really appreciate the warmth offered to our expanded team!

I’ve received a few PM’s with minor questions so I thought I’d just give some general answers here. The three moderators that you all know well have been managing the forum without too much difficulty, though we had some backup moderators from long ago that were no longer active and aren’t set up as moderators anymore. When one active mod is away, two can still usually manage though it leaves even more gaps in certain time zones. When two active mods get very busy, a staff member can usually step in to help, but it’s nice to have some extra volunteers so that staff can focus on more critical Fiverr issues.

We weren’t particularly concerned with having more super-active folks, but we were lucky to have some candidates who were long time Fiverr users, forum users, or both. It was also nice to add some people who maintain a super positive attitude and aren’t too harsh (or the opposite,) especially when so many new users struggle with English and need a nudge. Besides, our long time faithful moderators sometimes forget to be open-minded with newer users since we’ve dealt with various spammers, dramatic threads, and rough times with changes to forum and Fiverr. Fresh perspective is nice!

With a quick glance at the questions we’ve all been asked - the new moderators were promoted by staff and we do not know at this time if more will be added anytime soon. If anyone has any other questions about forum moderation, you can send a ticket to Customer Support indicating interest. Questions or complaints about moderation are typically forwarded to an appropriate staff member.

As of March 3, 2018, the moderation team consists of:

  • Anna, @annai80, voiceover artist and native German speaker (Forum Level 4, Leader badge, Moderator badge)
  • Eoin, @eoinfinnegan, seller of SEO, editing and more, native of Ireland (Forum Level 4, Leader badge, Moderator badge)
  • Maddie, @fonthaunt, seller of blog articles, research and more, native of the U.S.A. (Forum Level 4, Leader badge, Moderator badge)
  • Sue, @sue_mcl, voiceover artist, native of Australia (Forum Level 3, Moderator Badge, Mod-in-Training in March 2018)
  • Earid, @wp_kid, seller of WordPress services and more, native of Bangladesh, (Forum Level 3, Moderator Badge, Mod-in-Training in March 2018)
  • Staff Moderators: Matt Jensen and other Fiverr staff work in various offices in California, New York City, Tel Aviv, Israel, Florida, etc. Not all staff members act as forum moderators, but some do. When you see a staff member post, you will see a staff/moderator badge and title like this:


I hope that answers some basic questions! Thanks again for all the support we receive as a team!


Great job . Never say Never man ! :heart_eyes: