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Welcome & Intros 🎤

Hey everyone!

I’m Adam, the new Music & Audio vertical manager here at Fiverr. I’m excited to create this new category in the forum for us to talk in depth about anything music & audio related.

I come mainly from the world of production. Started by playing guitar, drums, and piano, but moved to producing at age 14 or so when my drum teacher showed me Pro Tools. Since then, I’ve studied Audio Engineering in Ohio, worked in studios in Boston and LA, and have been producing and engineering for artists in a variety of genres.

Would love to hear more about you guys. How’d you get into playing your instrument, producing, engineering, signing…? I’m sure we have some interesting stories here!


My voice is my instrument, and I’ve been ‘playing’ it since I was 9. I’m not a professional, as my talent lay in choir and harmonizing, though I have a talent for lyrics. I have a pinch of skill in playing piano and recently started learning the guitar.

As for anything in the realm of production or engineering I’m vastly behind my peers, so I’ll looking forward to learning more in that arena as well.


Hello, @fvrrmusic,

I am a proofreader. My husband, Rob, who is also a retired English teacher, helps me out when I get more work than I can handle on Fiverr. Rob is a classic rock drummer from way back–he started as a teen in the late 60’s. He reads music, which most local drummers can not do, and he plays music from all genres. That is him with me in my profile image.

Until recently Rob owned a drum store. Currently, he gives drum lessons and sells drums from his lifetime of collecting drums, trap sets and related equipment on eBay.

While he owned the drum store, Rob sponsored drum clinics featuring well known drummers who have become friends.

I have nudged Rob to create gigs on Fiverr, but we are not sure of what he could do without having production equipment or even which equipment he would need and how costly it would be. Maybe giving lessons on Fiverr would work but we are not sure of what equipment he would need for that either.


I never learned how to play one instrument properly, but I have an affinity for production as a whole. Piano roll composition, synthesis, automation, some minimal mixing, etc… I type out my melodies with the keyboard and usually wind up with lots of usual 1:30-2 minute demos every day. Simple electronic stuffs and beats for the most part. I got into it because of my favourite musicians, I guess.

I used some of my Fiverr balance just yesterday to get a Korg nanoKEY Studio as my first MIDI controller, and I’m waiting for the standard Christmas sales to purchase one of the base FL Studio versions, which I’ve been using for a while (they let you use older and newer versions for free with no limits, it’s like the WinRar of music :joy: you just can’t keep your projects). I also look forward to the lifetime upgrades, license and unlimited installations - Ableton and Pro Tools are great and likely better, but they have nasty models (we were just talking about how bad Adobe CC gets with it in another thread, since I also do graphics) which are a dealbreaker at the moment, plus the “steep” learning curve and all. I will probably assemble a better PC soon from scratch so I have zero things to worry about.

Yes, I’ll open some gigs when I’m ready. Was looking forward to do music for games, I’m quite decent at chiptune. As for more common genres, I’m still wrapping my head around on which VSTs are better for guitars, pianos, the effects for them and stuff like that.


Hi Adam! How awesome! I love this idea! Nice to meet you.

I’m Melissa a professional voice over talent & actor. I mainly specialize in kid and teen voices and love animation. I’m currently working on a new animation in-studio with a big name client. :shushing_face: I’m new to Fiverr and love that I have the ability to customize my gigs to who I am and what I love to do. Excited to see where this new adventure takes me!


Hi Adam and everyone else here. Very cool that there is now a Music and Audio section of the forum! I love it.

My name is Trevor O’Hare, and I’m a seller in this category. Fiverr has really created an awesome opportunity for audio production folks like myself to make a living, and this past year as a seller on that platform has been a wild ride.

While I specialize in voice over on the platform, I originally started out with music production. I’m a musician of about 18 years, mainly focusing on guitar. However, I do full on productions for customers that need songs for their projects. All of my audio engineering experience is basically self taught from years and years of recording at home, as well as playing live music and touring with bands across the US. These days, I keep to my home studio and crank out tunes and voiceovers for customers every day.

I’m excited to hear about everyone’s journey on here! Long live the Music and Audio category. :metal:


Hi Vickie! From what I’ve seen other musicians do, your husband Rob might do well using the following equipment:

  • A computer capable of recording audio. Doesn’t have to be anything super fancy. I use a laptop that’s five years old to record all my voiceovers.
  • Microphones. Your husband will need microphones to capture the sound of the drum kit at home. My advice would be to read reviews and see what other drummers use for home recordings.
  • An audio interface. This is the device that connects microphones to the computer. It will need enough inputs to connect to all the microphones.
  • Software to capture the sound on the computer. I use Reaper, but there are a lot of programs out there. They are called “Digital Audio Workstations”
  • Practice or lessons regarding audio production. I’m self taught, but it took a while before I considered myself a professional audio engineer capable of delivering audio to clients that meets their needs. Once he gets all the stuff he needs, my advice is to just record all the time and get comfortable with the hardware and software.

This is probably a topic that other sellers could write a book about, but I hope these words of advice help Rob get started. There’s certainly a ton more that could be done to perfect the recording environment and equipment, so Rob can do a little bit of research to expand upon what has been shared here. Working on Fiverr is the coolest thing ever, and I hope he gets started soon!


Got into music when I was 16, a new latin-trap artist had emerged from Puerto Rico seemingly out of the blue and I was captivated by his style which made me want to do the same.

I got into songwriting and started to explore the basics of theory, vocal technique, etc. It led to me purchasing a 66-key and because of financial reasons going into studio or purchasing beats wasn’t a viable option so I decided that I needed to learn everything myself. Started learning guitar, drums, bass, production, mixing, sound design, anything that could help me.

I got student finance and began my studies, I’ve done a Music Performance course and I’m now two years into a BA, I finally decided around the end of the first year of my BA that I was good enough to freelance which has been a great experience so far.


Awesome story. Love the mix of self taught + formal education. And have seen your gigs/beats, fire stuff :fire:


Love it, great to meet you Trevor! Do you feel that your music production and engineering background has really helped you stand out/excel in things like voice over?

Long live Music & Audio indeed :muscle:t3:


Lovely new forum space! Thanks for creating it @fvrrmusic :slight_smile:

I’m a 26 y/old voice actor from Spain. Mainly dub movies and TV shows (with the current pandemic, Netflix shows is what we work on the most), and also voice commercials and audiobooks.

Been working with my voice since I was 18, went full time voice acting 3 or 4 years ago. Really enjoying the ride!

See you folks around the forum :smiley:


Great to meet you as well! And to answer your question: absolutely. My music background taught me how to use all of my production tools. I started using Reaper and recording at home in 2011, strictly to have a way to jot down song ideas for my band. Had no idea it would turn into this! :grinning:


Hi Adam, excellent to open this category, I made my first gig as an announcer, I will follow your comments and those of the participants of this forum. Success for everyone.


Hi Adam and fellow musicians, I am new here on Fiverr, I am a musician from France.
I have an ambient meditation music gig actually, but i am thinking of other gig in the music field i could do here, as I play several instruments and like a lot of different styles of music. I have been a professionnal drummer for several years and still play drums in a rock band. I plan to buy a handpan and a big gong, but it’s so expensive!.
For my meditation music productions, I use the computer for mixing (Sony Vegas Pro) and mastering (Ozone), otherwise I only work with hardware samplers (Akai Force, Roland spd-sx and Elektron Octatrack).
Looking forward to discussing stuff with you all :pray: :musical_note: :notes:
P.s. : I record all my accoustic instruments with Shure sm58 microphones :microphone:

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Hey there, I’m ORSI - singer/songwriter!

I have been singing since I was 3 years old. I’m a professionally trained singer however I do believe I have great talent! Listen and let me know your thoughts! :wink:


Hello anyone, it’s great to be here writing in this new category. My name is Manuel Marino and I started as folk and country guitarist. From there I jumped into videogame soundtracks, made probably more than 300 soundtracks and many for mobile games, but also for PC and Nintendo Wii. Lately I had my first feature films, after testing my skills on shorts and documentaries. I learned music partly with teachers, and partly through direct experience (playing, partying, reading many books and having fun). So now I play guitars, basses, keyboards and drums but I can’t tell I’m a great performer. Also because I prefer to study my score and producing it than exercising. The result is that as producer I meet many performers helping me to create the best scores and melodies in my mind. This means I could need any of you for my productions! Let’s meet and learn more from each other :blush:


My advice would be that if Rob likes to play and deliver on-demand like a good Studio player he could get an electronic kit and deliver not only the stereo audio but MIDI of his performance. That means an electronic kit. Alesis have cheap ones but a better used set from someone upgrading from Roland, Yamaha or the like may be better. The Alesis kits will do the job and last well enough if he is good with his kit.

Me: I left school in 1986 wanting to be a Record Producer like Alan Parsons. I was lined up to go be a dogs body, aspiring Tape Op then Sound Engineer at a commercial studio in the big smoke but when I got there the place had gone bust.

A few years later I met another person with a small commercial studio making AM Radio jingles and got my way in there. I worked unpaid in exchange for being trained to Mix. Initially it seemed like a poor second to people I knew in band studios but in hindsight working on tracks that had to be just so, deliverable quickly, and told their story clearly, was a really great thing. I started noticing that lots of those band kids couldn’t deliver a mix, they could talk a storm about gunna this and should that but never a result.

I saw how frightened people were of the synths (1988), decided that was a skill I could give myself and bought a used synth. It had a great manual (as things did back then) and I pored over it to work out how to build sounds on-demand.

The studio thing fell through (hands where they don’t belong and all that) and I found myself having to make my own tracks to work on. I spoke to bands all the time but they only wanted me if I came with free studio time. So I was making my own music and had my first cassette EP in the Alternative Music Stores in early 1990. I spent the next few years chasing everyone and got interest from several labels. Sadly the rise of Techno, Rap & Grunge overturned the whole industry so nothing panned out in the end or I could have been another NIN (seeing I was mining the EBM/Industrial seam at that time).

I spent the next few decades writing my own kind of music and did bits of mixing when I could. I also scored some Indie films & games that got awards. This is a recent album.

I have Mixing & Composing Gigs here (and on other platforms) but the frustration is that every kid claims themselves a Pro Mixer (often under photos of gear they don’t or cannot own and a stolen DAW) and this has diluted the market so much that true skill & experience have no value to people who would rather believe “happy daftie” lies. The DAW & VST sellers have also created the idea that all you need is gear and you are going to be Pro which has evaporated the value of a true craftsman under ideas of owning the right piece of gear and having the right settings.

Always happy to help those looking to do something that matters.



I’m a 24y/o singer, rapper and songwriter from Nigeria. Happy to find other musicians here🙋‍♂️

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Hi! Happy to see a musician! I am a graphic designer! I love music!

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Hey all,
I’ve seen a few of you do introductions and credits. We may work together in the future, so at the risk of sounding inflated, I wanted to say “hey,” and throw some of my credits your way.

I’m Tommy. I’m a professional songwriter, former staff writer, touring performer, frontman, pianist and caffeine junkie. I’m a third generation songwriter and touring musician.

  • I’m a former child performer, having started my career at four on the “EZ Living Country” television show.

  • From there I appeared on KRAK radio (yes, crack radio is the name of that 80’s radio station) at five, performing multiple times in their prime-time live entertainment nights.

  • That same year, at five, I got my first album cut, when a regionally successful act from ax bar records recorded a song of mine.

  • As a preteen I began fronting acts compromised of people 35 years my senior. We toured the Reno Nevada circuit, the fairgrounds circuits, Northern and Southern California.

  • Shortly thereafter I began piano lessons with Skeeter Elkin of the legendary “Texas Playboys” The Godfather’s of Western Swing. My Father learned drums from Billy Jack Wills of Wills pointe fame (and Bob Wills’ brother) and my grandfather was a frequent collaborator of the Texas Playboys.

  • At 12 I became a staff writer at “Tree Water” publishing. I may have had a connection or two, as I grew up writing with my Dad’s Columbia connects and listened to them write at the table nearly every night. I wrote two songs that were soft regional hits (the equivalent of jukebox hits) in the European market and received an award for a song I penned for Dana Wills around this time.

  • At fourteen I began a long-standing writing relationship with a camp out of Nashville, including Grammy nominees. That has blossomed into many, many album cuts.

  • I continued touring all throughout my teenage years as frontman/keyboardist, performing at the international jazz jubilee, casinos, show rooms, amphitheater’s and more clubs than I’ll ever remember.

  • At 18 I moved to NC where I immediately entered a regionally touring act and headlined several festivals with a band that’s name was so embarrassing that I’ll never repeat it (I mean the name sucked, not the band).

  • At 18 I also began a twenty year songwriting partnership with recording artist JD Leonard. I’ve been the primary co-writer on his two releases.

  • JD and I have written tv themes, album cuts, compilations, movie scores (and gotten placements), and between us, we’ve performed our music opening for air supply, Michael McDonald, Vince Neil, The righteous brothers and more.

  • In 2017 JD released his second solo album featuring Tommy Byrnes (Billy Joel’s lead guitarist) who is also in his band. As a keyboardist, it is insane to hear that guy play your music. Our music is currently featured in two exclusive Spotify playlists and JD recently scored a pandora station.

I’ve played with more incredibly talented people and had crazier road stories than I will ever remember. I’ve played on countless studio sessions and I’ve never stopped living for the actual work. The actual process of grinding out the songwriting and working the process every day always.

These days, I’m a father to my kids, I’m launching a financed tribute act in regional theaters, focusing exclusively on remote writing and tracking keys for several camps, including freelance.

Here on Fiverr, I offer songwriting, custom songs and keyboard tracking. With everyone in the business struggling, it’s refreshing to have venues to supplement in person work. For me, that comes at a time when I was prepared to mostly operate remotely anyways.

My services focus mostly on the writing of songs. I create “demos” that demonstrate arrangements, but I don’t claim to have the sonic expertise of some of the incredibly gifted producers that sell services here. I realize the market leans less expensive than my traditional in person services and I balance that with my network of connected jobs and Fiverr. My aim is to write songs that are pitchable and get them prepped into an easily understood demo. The same as if we were pitching to an artist that we had prior contact with. Actual pitch ready writing is a valuable asset that requires years of study and goes hand in hand with the professional producers and studio musicians that can be found here.

I’m glad to see some really professional folks selling services and in this thread and I look forward to talking with you.