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Welcome order issue

over 4 day fiverr can not mark as complete order.
any one help please.
what can i me now.

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If you delivered it with a “deliver” button then it should be automatically marked as a complete in 3 days.

i do it but over tree day it can not complete.

Notify fiverr customer support service

Did you really deliver it through “deliver button” and you can see the message “here is your delivery”?

Fiverr mark an order as completed for 3 days, if your order is not marked as completed then please contact CS or maybe you’re forgetting a few below things.

If your buyer taken into revision & you delivered the order again, in this way the days of marking order as completed will be count from very recent delivered order.
In cause sometimes buyers extend time of an order because of some changes.


that s true,…i think if you deliver your order it will auto complete after 3 days if you can put a screen shot of your order with keeping the names hidden it will be easy to understand your issue,

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