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Welcome to "Fiverr 3.0"!

Hey everyone!

A disclaimer: The following post/article is not an official Fiverr statement. It’s a summary of my personal observations over how Fiverr works and I am sharing because I noticed that more and more sellers come here, stating that they “lost their ranking”.

This is my effort to provide them with some answers and some food for thought.

Hold up. Fiverr 3.0?

If Fiverr’s early days (the wild wild west days) was Fiverr 1.0 and we count the facelift in 2014 (I think?) as v2.0, then we quietly got v3.0 late last year.

Without an official announcement, without much fanfare, the website slowly rolled out a back end update which seems to have concluded late last year.

How do I know this?

This is a good time to remind you to read my disclaimer.
I have no way of actually knowing anything, no one from Fiverr shared insights with me either. This is just a gut feeling and tons of personal observation, from a seller obsessed with performance. (and figuring out how things work)

Ranking is no more

I started hinting about this mid-2020, then started actively talking about it.

Talking about ranking is moot, as there are no more results pages. Well technically there are, but you’ll see what I mean in a minute.

Fiverr transitioned from being a search engine like Google to being a match making service like Tinder.

It no longer serves users (buyers) with pages filled with search results, ranked according to how well they are “performing”.

Fiverr also no longer counts on buyers clicking on verticals to find what they need.

It’s all about the search function.

Fiverr’s new engine tries to match a buyer with a potential seller that will be as close to a 100% ideal match as possible, as soon as possible.

A great match is when:

A) a seller offers something relative to what the buyer is searching for
B) a seller has great “performance”

It’s all about reducing risk for Fiverr.

Risk that the buyer won’t find someone to hire and therefore won’t spent their money.

Or risk that the buyer will not get a great service and ask for a refund, never to return again on the platform.

What is this “performance” you keep going on about?

Here comes the good stuff.

There are two kinds of performance that Fiverr keeps track of:

A) performance as a seller (converting prospects into buyers)

B) performance as a vendor (satisfying buyers, successfully completing orders)


Fiverr doesn’t care if you are the best designer, video editor, animator, writer, what have you.

All it cares is that you can make people spend and then making sure that said people don’t ask their money back. (And therefore stay on the platform to spend some more)

I am oversimplifying things, as the system actually keeps track of a bunch of interesting metrics when serving buyers with sellers.

Which is why searching for your gig, or your competition on Fiverr, even using incognito or clearing cookies and what not, will NEVER show you anything useful.

The new engine qualifies buyers and knows a lot about them, before serving your gig their way:

-their purchase intent
-buying history
-browsing habits (I mean on site)
-how they respond to custom offers
-when they spend
-how they spend

The list is long, and I am sure that even if I am right on some of the stuff I think I understand, there are hundreds more variables that only Fiverr’s coders know.

OK, let’s say you are right. What now?

Well just like every change in life, it is always met with resistance.

The new “engine” is here to stay apparently, since its sole purpose is making the platform more money.

What should we do?

Why are people losing their “rankings” out of the blue?

This is where I will try to sound less like a lunatic and actually try to form all the observations into some -hopefully- actionable advice.

When people start noticing that their gigs are losing impressions, or that messages stop coming in, etc, it’s usually because their performance has deteriorated.

They dropped the ball somehow.

I know it always seems like it’s out of the blue, but there are indicators.

Here are some things to keep in mind.

The new system values speed and relevance over anything else.

It’s all RELEVANT: (performance A)

So performance A (being a good closer) has everything to do with how your gig is set up.

If you still think about SEO, and keywords, and ranking, you already lost the game.

Focus on your gig’s title, don’t try to capture everyone, don’t use pretty adjectives, focus on who you want to find your gig.

You need to be focused on your niche.

Relevance is key. You need to make sure that only the people you can help will find you, and that will make Fiverr LOVE your gig.

Don’t use the same keywords as what you used as a gig title. Trust me.
Fiverr 3.0 hates that.

Your tags need to be complimentary to your title. Not repeating what you say you will do.

Again: relevance.

If your gig’s description is written with “SEO” in mind, and is “keyword-rich”, you will once again underperform. Fiverr 3.0 no longer crawls for keywords, it rewards descriptions that answer questions and help convert.

The need for SPEED: (performance B)

Fiverr 3.0 loves speed.

The quicker you can respond to inquiries the better.

The sooner you get that custom offer accepted, the better.

Other factors that may show Fiverr you are rocking it:

-Delivering fast
-Buyers accepting their delivery relatively quickly
-Not getting lots of revision requests
-Not leaving order updates unanswered for too long (the “buyer has posted an update for X amount of hours” notification)
-Delivering before the “you have 12 hours to deliver” notification
-Avoiding cancellations
-Avoiding time extensions

Oh, one more thing:

Relevance and speed are just two faces of a multi-faced die, that calculates one very important thing.

Fiverr 3.0 is all about having satisfied buyers.

The platform no longer just focuses on making revenue and having gigs purchased.

The updated engine focuses solely on having happy buyers.

Which leads me to my last point for this article, to whoever wants to hear it:

Your reviews no longer matter as much. You can keep getting all 5-star reviews, and you will still experience lulls and droughts.

Because the system no longer takes public reviews into consideration, using the same weight as Fiverr 2.0.

They still count, but not as much.

And can you blame them? The majority of sellers on the platform can be phoning it in and still get a higher than 4.7 average.

The system has too many 5-star sellers for that metric to indicate anything.

If everyone is 5-stars, then no one is 5-stars. (to paraphrase something I keep saying for TRS badges.)

So unfortunately, and maybe even people gaming the system with fake reviews had something to do with this, public reviews no longer mean as much to the platform, when it calculates how happy our buyers are.

It’s a long and complex formula, but I simplified it to this for now:

Performance A + Performance B + Buyer satisfaction = Actual seller rating

I still think that “gig rotation” is not a thing. It does exist, but it would never tank successful sellers and truly valuable gigs.

So to sum up:

-When you search for your gig and find it, that’s a skewed POV, that’s not telling you the whole story. You should stop doing that.

-When your gig is served to buyers, it’s because Fiverr actually believes you can score.

-The gigs that are also presented along your offering, are also very carefully selected based on their performance. There is no “ranking”.

-When you notice a drop in sales/enquiries/impressions, start thinking about your overall performance. More often than not, there is definitely some indicator that “told” Fiverr that you were dropping the proverbial ball.

The bad news is that this will take some getting used to and sellers are once again asked to either adapt or “perish”.

The good news is that this new system is actually a lot more forgiving than the old “SEO/rank” system. Even if you drop the ball performance wise, all it takes is just a tiny spark to get things going again.

As I write this, and gave it a quick read I understand that I may have oversimplified things, or that I haven’t spelled it out as much as I could.

Please forgive me, as I have a birthday cake to attend to. :slight_smile:

As always I will be here to answer any questions and discuss things in detail with you all.

Thank you!

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Thank you for sharing this information. I think its helpful for a newbie, like me. :heartbeat: :heartbeat:


Glad I could help @nazrul199


thank you so much :grinning:


Hi Frank

These are some nice and thoughtful observation. Thank you for your sharing. Although I’m quite skeptical with the validity, but some of your points are beneficial to other sellers.


Hi there!

I am not claiming I am 100% accurate or that everything I say is correct.

You are of course free to make your own observations and contribute to this discussion.

I made this post to help people with what I think I know but to also hear from people who think they have a part of the puzzle themselves.


Your post makes perfect sense. It’s a shift from perceived relevance/importance (SEO, reviews, etc.) to actual, real, live relevance/importance (happy buyers = more sales = more money for Fiverr). If this is happening – and I think it should – then it could have very positive longer-term effects on Fiverr’s public reputation, too. Bonus for high-quality sellers.


Thank you @melanielm for taking the time to reply.

I agree 100% that one byproduct of this shift is seeing a better marketplace where people can’t game the system anymore.


You mean don’t use words from the title in the gig description? Surely that helps keep it relevant. eg. if you say “video” or “explainer” in the gig title it’s going to be relevant (and should help) to put that word in the gig description too.

I agree they probably do, but maybe if the buyer likes a particular gig they won’t mind waiting a bit for a response (eg. the good buyers won’t expect people to wake up at 3 AM to respond immediately). eg. there are sellers with around 2-4 hours avg response times that seem to have more reviews on average than people who have 1 hour avg response times (though just from that it wouldn’t tell you whether they initially had a shorter response time to be able to start getting those reviews).

Though for new buyers who haven’t purchased anything yet, checking your gig position using an icognito browser/one with no Fiverr cookies should help give an idea where your gig is currently for those sellers, or maybe those from your country or similar location based on ip address maybe.

They said in their Q2 2020 shareholder letter:

Over the last few months, we developed and rolled out an improved
infrastructure for search experience. The new infrastructure is able to support
multiple machine learning models across different contexts
such as search and category pages, and takes into account
advanced user behavioral data in communication, availability and
engagement metrics in addition to textual relevance. The result
is an improved search experience for our buyers which leads
to better search experience and higher conversion.

So maybe the change is that or a continuation of that. ie. giving their machine learning models more and more Fiverr stats to analyse to find which are the best predictors of the best sales (maybe for those keywords?) and then using those and removing the stats that aren’t good predictors from the model/search engine ranking algorithm.


Hi @frank_d, Thanks for sharing this information. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


What I meant re: keywords is you shouldn’t use the same words in your title AND your tags.

So if your title is “I will make an animated explainer video” none of your tags should be “animated explainer video”.

Your description actually matters very little for your gig’s serving to prospects but the general guideline is to not try to add keywords just for ranking. It will hurt your gig.

I also said “without an official announcement” as in they didn’t notify sellers of any changes.

Shareholders meetings announcements aren’t considered actual announcements to sellers as far as I am concerned. And I am both a shareholder and a seller. :slight_smile:

And finally: Yes, Fiverr heavily uses AI and the way Fiverr works now is definitely more like a live, real-time thing that changes on the fly.


Hello, @frank_d Thanks for sharing this information. It’s really helpful for me, thanks again.


Thank you for sharing this important information. Much Appreciated your efforts for us :blush:


Interesting, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Makes sense that they’d do something like that (for example, there have been many, many complaints that reviews mean nothing because everyone is a 5 star seller).

Oh, and happy birthday! Enjoy the cake! :smiley_cat:


Thank you @catwriter !

Sending some virtual cake your way! :cake:


Thank you so much :heart_eyes:


Though in the celebrtiy impersonators subcategory there doesn’t seem to be there - for gigs. eg. on page 1 of the top selling sort there’s 2 gigs with avg of 1.0 stars, one with 3.3, one with 4.2 etc. edit: when I checked - it might be different for others/when viewing at different times but there’s only 4 pages.


Aww. I have repeated my title in my tags but with little bit varation like portrait painting, portrait drawing etc… is it wrong then ? How do you guys use tags ?


There are quite a few thoughts that I think very probable from my own observations and experience and would agree with. Sellers might profit a lot from taking those into consideration.

Some points seem overly simplistic, the thing that immediately stood out for me would be speed - while true in some aspects, it could clash too much with things like happy buyers, who won’t come back for refunds, or aspects like the introduction of the up to 90-days gig delivery time, but you said yourself you simplified, and the post is already very long, of course.


I’d add that Fiverr also actively recommends specific sellers to specific buyers/businesses, directly, or by featuring them, which is certainly based on the combination of relevance and performance, though, so it’s not really important to even be aware of that probably, since you’d want to focus on relevance and performance anyhow.

I’m absolutely with you on the point of relevance/matching, while I don’t agree that speed is such a big factor in an absolute way and suggest it is in a relative way (if you can be fast and good, sure, go ahead, but if not, ponder whether speed or happy buyers will ultimately benefit you more).
But it’s a combination of several things, anyway, and for some aspects, categories, etc., different weighting might apply.

Well, that’s definitely good news, I haven’t looked at anything the like for many months, good to know I didn’t miss anything useful :wink: that should save a lot of people a lot of time and make forum posts less repetitive.

Happy Birthday, and thanks for taking the time for this, I’ll certainly take the time to read it again.


Thanks for your sharing.