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Welcome to Forum interface suggestions


Here are my suggestions on modifications to the Forum interface:

And new location/design for “New topic” button:

Kind regards.


Hi there!
I really appreciate your efforts and your thinking :blush:
but I think if anyone reads the small “Please search before posting” and post without searching; he/she will do the same for the big “Please search before posting”, it is the human Psychology.

Thank You!

Yes, but the green thingy is not going to be “In your face” and easily accessible, don’t you think attacking from both ends will help it?

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Maybe it will work out!
Nice suggestion!

I’m not convinced the size would help. I’ve noticed that the sellers who still don’t look things up are totally oblivious to the whole concept of research and they don’t understand that a forum isn’t just for asking new questions. They actually don’t understand that.

Hmm. I’m not sure what would motivate them.

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