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Welcome to the New Fiverr Forum

Welcome to the Fiverr Community Forums!
This is a public forum for users to discuss questions and best practices about Fiverr and related Gigs.

What to expect:
To participate, just log in with your Fiverr account. Make sure to also review our Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy. Once you login, all posts from the previous forum will attribute to your account.

You’ll notice the same categories and subcategories as the old forum:

  • Welcome
  • Fiverr Tips
  • Your Fiverr Experience
  • Events
  • Fiverr Site
    We’re bound to come across some growing pains, but this is where the community can shine. By helping each other out and sharing issues you find in this category, we can all help make this forum most amazing!

With the introduction of the new forum, comes some fun new “levels” and “badges” you can earn for viewing and participation. The higher up you are, the more you can interact with others in the forum. There are 5 levels of participation: Level 0 (New) → Level 1 (Basic) → Level 2 (Member) → Level 3 (Regular) → Level 4 (Leader). You can read more about the levels and how to advance in this post.


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