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Welcome. We are a well-known SEO Digital Marketing Agency providing high quality services. We decided to join Fiverr

**At the insistence of a lot of clients,we joined fiverr too,and we are currently offering our services at a 40% discount.**We only posted 1 gig by now but we’ll sure help you with more.

Eitherway,we are very happy to be in such an active community.Best wishes to everyone.


Hello New User,

you should move your topic to correct category, means either “My Fiverr Gigs” or “Improve My Gig” if you want to list your Gig link on forum post.

Second option is to remove the link from your post.

Thanks and good luck!

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I tried to delete it but it doesn’t work…

Press X to doubt. If you have a lot of clients outside, why would they want you to join Fiverr? What’s in it for them? Paying more for the same service due to fees? Lmao.

Lol , from your point of view I agree that it sounds weird and it might be that the fault is mine for not explaining ,and it’s clear that i’m not very much willing to write long stories. It’s not insistence in the way that they might have anything to benefit from,which is,as you said,a stupid assumption. It is simply insistence in the way of ‘hey , you should do that,you’d do well’ , said in a repetitive way…from a lot of people… You know,when people tell their friends that they should go to Britain’s Got Talent …telling them that they’re talented and then they screw themselves over there lol