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Welcome, what do you think about gig?


I’m new and I want to improve my gig or receive some advice on it.

Hi, I want to improve my gig

One word - video :slight_smile:

You’re offering a service where you expect users to trust you with their fears and openly discuss their problems.
Considering how many fake accounts there are I’d say you have a better chance if you do a video introduction instead of using a stock photo.

Besides, if a buyer is expected to pay for consultation / advice type of service then they wish to evaluate your language skills, hear your tone etc.

The downside is that you might also attract a ton of creeps, but unfortunately it comes with the service.


Should I do a video in which I talk about my gig? Probably it could be a great solution, I’ll think about it. Thanks for the answer! :blush:


Yes. Your gig description doesn’t have much info about how you provide the service. Will it be like a S.kype calls or something similar? Does the user need any kind of setup (headset alone or also webcam)?

You might wish to explain the procedure and give some sample topics.
You might wish to add a few FAQs about the topics you will not discuss.

Check out your competitors. Don’t copy their gigs, but you can take some ideas.


I saw some similar gigs but the problem is that I’m Italian, I speak English but not very well. So I could have some problem through a call because I don’t understand quickly. I’d like to talk through messages.


OK, well this is something you definitely need to mention because I bet a lot of users expect to have a call with you. You should explain in your gig description that it’s message only.


You’re right. Thank you very much!


You might wish to reconsider your pricing as well.
“You can chat with me for 20 minutes, you can tell me your story and do questions.”

20 minutes is not a lot considering that user can only message you. Let’s say buyer types 30 words per minute or even less, wait for your response etc. I doubt they will get to their primary fears with just few messages.

I don’t know what the right price or timeframe would be, but 20 minutes in messaging doesn’t sound a lot :slight_smile:


make a video and explain about your skills, where you are expert and then upload


Ok, I’ll do it or in this evening or tomorrow!




Yes, and tomorrow I’ll write another topic because I want to know what you think about the video!


And what do you think about price? I don’t know how I can establish it…


Every 10 messages 5 $? :thinking:


I don’t think this will work either.

Put yourself in customer’s shoes.
Customer says Hi, hits send and 50 cents gone? Have you done this before? Do you know what’s the average time to help someone even with simplest problems?

You can increase the time frame to couple of hours and see how that goes.
The customer shouldn’t feel time pressure nor count their messages when seeking help with personal issues.


Yes, I know. I saw some similar gigs and so I decided to do this offer but I have no idea. One hour 5 $? :thinking: 2 hours 10 etc…?