Well, another cancellation


I’ve been on Fiverr for 3 years doing music/audio, mostly singing. I’ve had a fair amount of completed orders, about 720, and I’ve had to cancel around 15 which isn’t awful. Some of the cancelled ones have been accidental/duplicates and a couple were mature content that I was unable to do, and only a few were truly due to disputes.

I was at the very end of my queue last week and finally delivered my last order which was relieving. I had already sent a sample and was given the green light by the buyer, so I had confidence. I delivered 3 versions, all stylistically different and each one having a few options for flexibility. Unfortunately, my hopes were false, and I got a cruelly worded modification request a couple days later.

To make things short, the buyer claimed there were timing issues and that I sang in the wrong octave. He said my files were not usable and that I needed to do it “right.” I tried my best to show him that I completed the job as assigned by sending him a demo mix and explanations. Based on his demos, there were no blantant discrepancies between my deliveries and the piece, but I kept getting the same response.

Eventually, when his argument for technical errors no longer stood, he kept indicating that his desire to cancel was based on preference (saying I “wasn’t a good fit” although I sent a sample), despite continually denying it. In this case, I contacted CS. They actually sided with me and told me to convince the buyer to accept the order.

I appreciated this response from support and was pretty surprised. Thinking that when the buyer learned of their verdict, he would see that I met his requirements (and actually went beyond). Nope. He became borderline insulting after this (calling my voice “creepy” even though his song was an organ piece/funeral song), told me he picked someone else out to do it instead, and I just gave in. I sent the cancellation request.

I try to avoid cancellation as much as possible, and in this case, it is a loss of $44 in revenues. My understanding of the policy is that if the work delivered is what was described in the order, whether the client decides to use it or not, the seller is supposed to get paid. I’ve had orders like this where they decided not to use it but gave me 5 stars.

There has been a time where I didn’t give in and wanted my revenues. It’s my single 1-star review.

I don’t know if there is a solid point here, it is seriously just a rant, but I’m just getting tired of experiencing it and seeing this with other sellers.


Don’t worry about it too much. It’s completely natural, and it’s nothing permanent. If you lose one sale, you’ll get an another one soon enough! :slight_smile: Sure, it’s wasted time and effort, which you can’t get back. But there’s plenty of time in the world, thankfully! Support does however sometimes compensate you, if you provided exactly what you promised, yet buyer wants cancellation nevertheless. Not sure if it’s only for big orders or chargebacks, though.


Thanks for your encouragement! This one was particularly tough because he was a repeat customer in the past. Otherwise I have a lot of understanding and cooperative buyers that definitely make up for it. I will have to contact support and see about any further steps to take for this one…


I completely empathize with you, girl!

I think it’s especially hard in the audio category, because buyers can usually never perfectly indicate what they want. I’ve started to ask them to send me Youtube links of a comparable voice/style, just so that our wires won’t cross. But sometimes that doesn’t work either. I’m not sure of a way to adequately fix it, as it’s one of the pitfalls of a site like this; it’s not like we’re in the studio and can get feedback and suggestions in real time.

I wish that, specifically for audio projects, there was a feature within the medication request where a buyer would have to select the reason for the modification. If its due to my personal error, such as, I didn’t send in the right script, or I recorded wildly off-base of what someone asked of me, there could be a bubble for “miscommunication”. But if it’s a modification request due to a buyer having a different vision, or wanting a completely different set of takes with completely different feel/vibe than what they initially described, there should be an option to select that would require the buyer to pay a modification fee. I feel like I’m always running into the same problem with my voiceover gig - that I do 20min - 1 hour of work, only to do double the work afterwards for no compensation. Sometimes I feel that I can’t ask for money for a revision, for fear that a buyer will be difficult, cancel, or ultimately give me a negative review.


Exactly, exactly!! Many of my clients send Youtube examples which is helpful, even though sometimes that doesn’t work out either. Buyers should not only do their best to describe what they want (my less than 5-star reviews/disputes are almost always due to lack of description) but also be held accountable for who they choose for the job, just like any other service on Fiverr, which is essentially why I had my problem here.

You bring up a really good point about the music/audio category. Fiverr really focuses on categories like graphic design and illustration when it comes to features, although they are doing better with VO now. I feel like if they started accomodating for musicians, I could save a lot of time with mods.

I’ve considered charging for mods in the past, but instead I’ve just put a limit. However, still have a problem. Buyers will either “request changes” through an order update or just request as many mods as they want without penalty. I feel like if I charged and still couldn’t match their vision, which I always try my best to do, it would be even more of a loss.

There are tons of perks with Fiverr and I am so appreciative of the community and potential for sales, but it is definitely an imperfect system that I feel like doesn’t always accomodate for sellers.
Hopefully this year they will start trying to fix some of these systems since I have seen complaints like mine a lot lately. Thanks for your response, by the way! Nice to hear from someone in a similar category.