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We'll email you once your order is ready

i have this message every time i place order and it is not complete

"we’ll email you once your order is ready"

why ?

Because this particular seller (and others who pull this stunt) are trying to circumvent the deadline that they set for themselves when they set up their Gig. It is a way to game the system really, and makes it look as though they deliver in well under the time they said they would, when in actuality, they haven’t done such things. Delivering blank or incomplete work is against the TOS and you should report them to Customer Service.

What happens is, since they marked it complete on their end, they now have no “clock” on their end and can do this order at their leisure. So, who knows when you would get the work you ordered? Most likely, they do this in order to avoid auto cancellations when their work goes late, or upset buyers, or even to be chosen to do the work as some clients have time sensitive things they want done and may chose the person who “says” they can deliver in a day or two over the guy who is being honest and saying it will take a week or more.

I would cancel my order and not do business with this type of seller personally. And, I would report them (with evidence if needed) so that at least they get a hand slap from Fiverr.


Reply to @genuineguidance: Hi i am a seller but I recently had to purchase a voiceover for one of my clients. I received the same message as the person who started this thread. The message is displayed by Fiverr, NOT by the buyer. The second order I placed from this person did not display this message, but went straight to the order page. It may be an error or possibly because of a problem with PayPal? Hope this helps,


@isaacroot; that is weird. I know I have read many times on the forum of experiences where a buyer will get a message in the form of the “delivery” saying they are working on the order or it will be ready soon… now, those types are trying to game the system and avoid getting late notices or cancellations. Do you think the notice (if it was from Fiverr and not the seller) is due to having to submit more information before the order can begin?


Reply to @genuineguidance: Alternatively, every time they deliver an empty order with an equally empty promise, you can choose to refuse the delivery and force the clock to start running on their end again.

Reply to @genuineguidance: I will further leave a negative review explaining what the seller did so future buyers are warned.

I agree that it was weird. The notice was displayed after I selected my method of payment. And BEFORE it displayed the order page where i submit my info. Now it was my 1st purchase (as I am a seller), so I dont know if that was a factor. I ended up ordering again and that page never displayed. On the first order, the page was grey and said “we will send you an email when your order is ready” with the Fiverr logo in the corner. A few minutes later I received an email from Fiverr saying that my order was ready. I agree that it was very strange.

Reply to @genuineguidance: Oops forgot to hit reply when i responded. find my response below

I have tried ordering 3 times and I get the same message, the seller keeps telling me she doesn’t have the order on her end.

I have already ordered and paid $85 for a service plus extras. My paypal account confirms the payment. I got this message. I refreshed the page a few times and received the same message. There is no order on my profile and neither has the sender received any order from me. Can someone help me as soon as possible because I have paid a considerable amount to fast-track my order which doesn’t even exist on fiverr at the moment!

@dexblog! Thank you!

I’m getting the same message and so far nobody from fiverr has reply to my two emails. Haven’t been able to buy for one week

Do they have a phone number?

I just recently had a buyer who ordered something from me after I discussed the prices and he/she shared what he wanted done. Afterwhich after everything was discussed he placed an order and said “Hopefully you received the order” and then I said “Oh no, apparently I haven’t been notified from my end. I can’t start working until the order has been placed” …then the buyer said he already placed the order but was told something like “wait for an email…” (or something like that)… Then I said “That’s strange, I’ve never encountered something like that when I bought something. Hopefully that just gets fixed…”

Apparently after 1-2 hours they order placement went through… (I don’t know the details as to how it got fixed…)

I realllly don’t know what was going on to be honest. But this is a real story. :expressionless:

Reply to @noorulhira:
Contact Customer Service with this problem. Nobody from here can help you with this problem

Reply to @gqman96: When you ask this question do you mean if Fiverr has a number? No they don’t. I mean they haven’t posted it so they don’t want to be contacted that way… You can try contacting them through --> Customer Support … this is where they address people’s concerns…