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Well, have been in fiverr a couple days

Hi everyone… I hope you all will have plenty of sells today.
I am new here but worked with SEO since internet started so yes i am old :wink:
Hoping to get some sells but there is always a hope.

have a nice day…


I proofread an article for a client in the past few days that said SEO is a thing of the past. I was surprised to hear that. What do you think?

It is still relevant. Only the title and keywords in Body part is that is used now by search engines.
The first 200 words is the most important. Yes SEO have changed a lot but not totally gone.
And yes there are plenty of services that offer things that do not work anymore.

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Interesting. What do you mean by:

Is that the first 200 words in an article?

Many writing gigs on Fiverr offer SEO service, I wonder how many of them truly understand SEO?

The first 200 words inside
In html, htm php

or in A blog post , the 200 words first in that article, the rest they do not look

There are many of them that not understand, It is easy when you know it, but mostly they write that is very complicated, only the right keywords is hard to find.
And many services sell back-links and since a couple years ago Google and the other search engines has made automatic tools for check unnatural back links build and many sites has been banned from indexing. The search engines want natural build back links.
With high and low page-rank, with do-follow links and no follow links

Some people still think that SEO = keyword stuffing :slight_smile:
There are a few hundred ranking factors that Google uses, the use of keywords is just one of them.

I would disagree with that, but I won’t get into the details. There are plenty of articles about what matters.
Other than that, I agree with Esa that the definition of SEO has changed and most people don’t understand it.

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It is ok to disagree or agree. Everyone has it own opinion.
I have worked with SEO since internet started and i get my information from Google…
I have friends inside the Google company and they send updates what has changes, what they have updated and more.
Yes and there is some more that the search engines look, but i cant tell… then everyone knows.

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I proofread product listings for Amazon sellers. They are very sure to make sure I leave in the SEO words.

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