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Well, here's a new change, this is how my front page looks

Curious - can’t say I prefer this over the existing version…

Looks like there are 48 gigs per page, and a lot of scrolling.


I’d prefer if they would give the option to switch between list/grid style.

I can see the list being useful as there are more information attached to it without having to enter the gig itself, so while there may be more scrolling, I’d expect to have to go through fewer links in order to find what I am looking for.

But if I was looking for a service that I don’t care much about that extra info then I rather just switch to grid style to see more gigs per row.

Getting on the first rows had just become even more important


They’re really poking the bear. :grinning: That’s really good change for first 10-15 sellers, but for everyone else… I am sure that impressions from search results will drop quite a lot. I hate scrolling a lot, so if I am a buyer, everyone who is 10 scrolls down is practically out of the picture… (except if I am looking for something really specific if course)

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There’s no end to all these bad decisions is there? You can’t keep changing stuff about the site every other day damnit.


Actually you can, it’s called Split Testing. For me it’s pretty clear they are rolling out different features to different groups to see how that is going to impact their numbers.

And why would you considere this a bad decision with the very little information we have so far?

I’ve been tracking down the different features posted in the forums latelly and they all seem to follow the same direction: Discourage $5 gigs (read increase the average order value) and in return increase the buyer overall experience to justify their new values.

Fiverr seems to be trying to disconnect with the $5 marketplace image and I for one really hope it works out.

It’s worth mentioning I don’t particularly agree with the way the changes have been implemented or some of the changes themselves, but blindly trying to dismiss any change won’t help either.


No one like scrolling. NO ONE. This deisgn needs a while lot of scrolling. So what does that tell you about the design?


Scrolling is better than clicking, it’s as engaging as it gets as long as the information is relevant(-ish) to you (facebook, twitter and every other social media platform)

As I said I’d prefer to have the option to switch between the 2 views for the reasons I mentioned above, but I don’t have enough information to say this will be a bad change.

It does however make the first rows a (even more) premium spot, which makes sense given the ad feature they are trying to bring back.

All those changes are not just being randomly introduced :wink:

We’ll have to wait to see how things play out

You can’t compare SOCIAL MEDIA SITES to a FREELANCING platform. The user needs to click the gigs to see what they offer. They aren’t looking at memes here.

The ad feature never made it past the beta stage. It was a bad idea so it goes without saying it didn’t work.

As far as I can tell, most of these changes are random and unnecessary.

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This has been used in some categories for a while now. I don’t get it.
Complaint number 1 on the forum is
I want to be on top of page one!

Fiverr’s Solution
Lets make it so only two gigs can be seen per screen length!


mhmh, I used to see it as well, but now it’s gone for me. I thought it was over, but noooo :smiley:
Personally I don’t like it either as the scrolling is tedious.

Well. There we have it. Fiverr is Fiverr Pro now. I just hope someone remembers to check to see if they are all still active and err… Ready to bring all their big juicy clients over yet?

No dig. It’s just pretty obvious who this page style set up is designed to drive traffic toward. No more vacations for you, Paul. :slight_smile:

Edit: Regarding Pro Sellers, I just went to check this out Fiverr via a clean Incognito window in Chrome. Pros were turned off by default. I turned the Pro category on and only found 1 x Pro per category search. I know of Pros who should have been listed so checked to see if they were active and they still are. In this case, maybe there is a bug or Pro/some sellers also only appear to users in different locations?

Check out the headlines first pros I don’t even have an option to remove it from the search
The second screenshot in “other seller “

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For touchscreens scrolling is pretty optimal. When I use my tablet, the humble mouse becomes pretty redundant.

What I do hate is having to tap to see second and third pages of results. In this case, it would make sense for Fiverr to serve a super long scrolling page to mobile devices and the old UI to regular desktops.

One just needs to hope they do some all important USER TESTING.

Providing that devs eventually have some kind of ejector seat installed under them when implementing new features without USER TESTING, all should be well.

USER TESTING - It’s simply vitally important!!!

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Yeah, but you are logged in and will have cookies and magical user preference things going on in your browser.

everything is normal for me no changes at all,

these changes seems favorable for a CPM website