Well...hi! :)


I´ve already posted in a few interesting threads I saw, but guess I can still say hello as I´m still new here :slight_smile:

A friend showed me fiverr - it seemed like an interesting thing, and here I am. I´m taking it easy for now and play around with the site, look at all the settings and try to find out what the heck I´m doing, or should do, or shouldn´t do :wink:
Yeah, and dig through the ‘Academy’ and the forum, such a mountain of useful and interesting and necessary things to know.

Forums like this always are a big help for newbs in any place, and I want to tell everyone who writes in the forum, welcomes new people, shares their experiences, gives tips, lightens the atmosphere with banter and jokes and so on and on:





Thank you! :slight_smile:




Thanks. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the fiverrsphere! :smiley: I joined about two years ago. My partner told me to try it and now this is my main source of income.

Best of luck to you!!


Thank you too, Eva (guessing from your username of course, sorry if not :)), I just learned that fiverr is a thing this October and thought, well, I can try a month or two and see, I never thought it would take off so well. :slight_smile:


Welcome miiila :slight_smile:


Thank you, happyspace - nice name!



Liebes Tagebuch, heute, am 31. Oktober 2016, hörte ich eine Fanfare und erhielt eine Depesche mit der Nachricht, ich sei nun Level 1-Seller!

Level 1, yay!

So, und eine E-Mail, die mir sagt, was ich jetzt alles mehr machen kann, auf deutsch…
…Senden Sie höhere Preisvoranschläge …
grinst okay…


Lol :slight_smile: Glueckwunsch! Were are the caramels to celebrate???


Danke sehr! Here, take a snickers, that´s all the rage in virtual forum foods lately!


The phone notification verification almost made me miss my 99th review :balloon: just holding a brief minute of silence here in my place to ponder my time here because it´s a more fun number than 100 will be :wink: but leaving some :champagne: and :cocktail: and :beer: for anyone who passes by, and of course some :candy: :candy: :candy: for Anna.


Hello friends how are you


Hello, I hope you are fine. Me, I´m not quite sure, untwisted but tired. Weird I am, in either case. Oh, sorry, you asked how we are. We´re fine, of course. Everyone is fine. Fine.



Hiii Miiila :blush::wave:


Hiya Hussien. Why is everyone up still?! Oh well, maybe I shouldn’t be up still…


Just update Your post and HI


Hi there, hope you´re doing fine and have a great day! :coffee: :sunny: