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Well.. I think I'm really lucky


So I was wondering on how to get express status, and went on my gigs. I currently have 4 but it said just active:1 suspended:0 … it was strange so I suspended them all and got active:0 suspended:3 … (BUT I HAD 4 SUSPENDED)…

So I activated and suspended few of them for like 2-3 times when SURPRISE I got express status on one of them :open_mouth:

LOL?? just how… :stuck_out_tongue:

Best Regards,

Justin :slight_smile:


“Express status”? As far as I am aware you just set your delivery time to a day…? I can’t really say for sure though, I just assume they all got marked if you have it set for one day as then it is “express”.


When you post you gig and you put one day. You have to produce a few gigs within that time frame. than you will get your express status. I think. It may just have to propagate in may not me instantaneous. Sucks the we have to guess about this crap


You will have to deliver a few gigs at the express time ie. 1 day. You will then be awarded the “Express Tag”


Yea, I know how it works. I delivered all my work as fast as I could and I was just wondering why I still wasn’t recieving express status.

So probably a bug? Suspending-activating again make the bot check your stats again… Probably.

If it wasn’t for me doing this it would still be without express status. :confused:

Best Regards,

Justin :slight_smile:


I have that problem too, with one gig not listed as active or suspended, and superfast delivery that hasn’t updated. Luckily many of my reviews include something about my high turnaround, but still! I contacted Support (no reply yet) but now I think I will try this, if it helped you!