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Well, if this doesn't warrant a cancellation what does?

I just got an order with a file attached. Upon checking the file I realized that the client was trying to pull a fast one. The client ordered 3 multiples of the $15 basic package on my rewrite gig. The basic package on that gig offers 500 words for $15. The file has 10,700 words and it seems he expects me to do the project with no issue, I suppose I should be grateful he even ordered at all? My 100% cancellation rate might have to take a hit. I did send a custom offer with the difference but so far no response.


I did the math in my head for what he wants, is that around $315?

Cancel him. Don’t be grateful for such an attempt to take advantage of you.


Yes, I will allow him a few more hours, if he doesn’t accept the offer I will initiate a cancellation.


I don’t think he would be a nice client to work with.

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If he doesn’t respond, you can do the work he paid for (1,500 words) and politely inform him about the additional cost if he wants you to complete all 10,700 words.

I’ve done this before with success. Sometimes they only intend for you to do the work they paid for and don’t communicate that properly. Other times buyers misunderstand how the pricing works and a polite explanation is all they need to move forward with the project.

He could be ignoring you because he’s upset/rude or he might not be intending to check back in until the order is finished (which I’ve found is the case with many clients).

Best to go with your gut on this one. It might help to see how long he’s been a buyer on this platform. :slight_smile:


He would probably get mad.

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Well, that is an Idea, I will think about it.

I don’t think there is any need wasting your time on doing a part of the order. Wait a bit for him, if he doesn’t accept your custom offer, then cancel.

If you rewrite a bit, he will get mad and cancel anyway. He will have the part you rewrote plus his money back = your wasted effort. Just wait for him.

I had a similar experience and the client ordered the extra custom offer I sent to him which was over $200. Might have been an honest mistake.