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Well, it finally happened, I lost my level!


I do not even know what to say at this point, A client was trying to get me to refund and I refused. They contacted cs and told them something, what? I do not know at this point. But in the message cs sent me they said something about copyright. Not once in the messages that I had with the client did they complain that the work did not pass copyscape. They did however say they didn’t like the articles and that they had grammar issues, I rewrote the articles and resubmitted but they still pushed that they wanted a refund and if couldn’t give they a full refund I should give them a partial one. I was always afraid of this happening so now it has I guess I can relaxed. Orders had slowed down for me anyway, hopefully I start getting orders with my level 2 badge. If a client wants me to add sources I do, if I use quotes I indicate that I do. The articles I wrote were original. I am in the process of trying to prove to cs that the articles were original, but I do not know if they will even consider that they were wrong.


Well even because of smallest mistake you can lose TRS, for example i have lost my badge bcause i delivered wrong file from 2012 lol…

“As a Top-rated seller we are expecting from you to be a role model and an example to others not to abuse our trust.
But do not worry, our automated system continuously monitors sellers’ activities and performance to assess the appropriate Levels badge.”


But I saw your profile and you are still TRS :thinking:


It says level 2 when I look at it.


Maybe refresh your browser? I am showed as level 2 on my dashboard.


I think this is a bug, Her profile shows level 2 but when I visit her gig then it’s still showing TRS


Just checked it again and it is showing as you say …. a difference between the gig and the profile.


I’m so sorry this happened to you. What exactly did they say in the message?

So you were demoted due to something other than your levels?

It’s possible that it was just an excuse to demote you after seeing a lot of grammar issues but I’m just guessing.


I was demoted because according to cs, I delivered material that had a copyright infringement. In other words, they found something in one of my articles that were not original.


I believe you. I think it was something else. You have my sympathy. It has to hurt to have that happen.


It does but I cannot dwell, I have to just think of something to do right away as fiverr is really unstable at the moment.


That’s the right attitude to have. Think of the future and how to cope the best way you can.


Do you receive any warnings for TOS violation? A warning is received when violating Fiverr’s Terms of Service. From what I know, you only get demoted if you get more than 1 warnings for the past 3o days.