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Well, Kiss My Grits!

Well, I had an interesting conversation with Fiverr CS, (ie Hugo).

I had an unexpected situation happen yesterday that required my immediate attention after work. While I was working at the school, I had an order for $60 that came in. It was actually a $10 order with an Extra Fast for $50. I would not normally turn this down, but I needed to for personal reasons. The buyer was a repeater from the day before. He ordered $55 worth of material and wanted it done in 1 day. I was able to do this and sent it off. He has yet to approve it (now I expect negative feedback for that one for this latest one).

Anyway, I have sent a mutual cancellation for the order, explaining (but without going into much detail) why I needed to cancel the order. When the order came in around 9 a.m., everything was fine (I was just at work). But, noontime, all hell broke loose. I couldn’t cancel the order until I got home after 1:30. The buyer has still yet to accept or decline the cancellation. Here’s the problem:

I asked Fiverr CS if they would consider canceling it for me, for fear that the buyer would be spiteful, decline the mutual cancellation and cancel the order, causing a failed to deliver notice on my gig. Hugo responded saying that he was not at liberty to do that but that I should go into further details of why I needed to cancel the order with the buyer. (No, thank you. I don’t want to discuss my personal life with a stranger.) Then when I asked, based on his answer, if Fiverr CS would remove the negative feedback that would result with the order going late even though I tried to mutually cancel 5 hours after it was placed, he said Fiverr CS no longer removes negative feedback that doesn’t violate their TOS (I call BS on that one too).

So, in essence, I’m held hostage to an order NO MATTER WHAT?! I believe that my responses and inquiries to this were very nice - nicer than I would have been to the people I work with from time to time. This is the first time I majorly disagree with Fiverr CS. What it basically means is that no matter what we do, we are held to a buyer’s beliefs that we are their employee once they order our gig. Now, freelancing means I can say NO to who I want to work with, and if there is a personal issue to contend with, then Fiverr CS should have enough respect for us to help us in this regard - be it order cancellation or negative feedback removal. From Hugo’s response, sellers are nothing more than a means to an end. And, with the automatic feedback in place, there’s no way to have poeple hear my side of the story on that order.

I’ve always worked under the belief - and still feel this way - that employees make or break a company - not buyers. You can still have buyers coming in the door, but if your employees are unhappy and decide to leave, how will you get the buyers to stay?!!!

I know this is falling on deaf ears when it comes to Fiverr CS, but they should have enough respect for us sellers too. Buyers come and go, but your “employees” will always be there if treated right! This is the first time I’ve ever felt true disappointment in Fiverr CS.



Sorry for all that I kinnda feel your plight but we all just need to know there is no way fiverr will be mistake free and that mistake according to my opinion is shunning sellers when we report something of much importance to them…
And one bad review is not going to change what most buyers want from you (your talent) so move on:wink:


What you need to know is if CS, buyer or seller cancels the order it will always be counted as a failed deliver. If you ask for mutual cancellation, or if the buyer initiates the cancellation, it won’t matter a canceled order is a canceled order. I didn’t get what you meant about negative feedback, because the only time that would happen is when an order is late due to failed delivery or when the buyer leaves one. If the order is cancelled there won’t be a negative feedback.

I’m sorry to hear this. I’ve had a similar situation with buyers who ask me to send them custom offers but then don’t accept these until 4 or 5 days later when there is no way I can stick to the deadline I originally quoted. Usually, I can fix this with a request to extend the delivery time. However, on two such orders from the same buyer recently, they ignored my request and canceled when the orders were 1 day late.

It’s a tricky one. Ideally, if you have received an order which you can’t complete, you should be able to cancel without risk of being penalized. I never contact CS about these things, though, as it just ends up going round in circles. In fact, if this was me and you have sent the buyer a request to cancel 5 hours after them placing an order but they haven’t responded, I’d just deliver the work whenever you can. Cancelled orders are much worse than low reviews or late orders. In this case, since the buyer has decided to ignore your notification that you can’t complete this work on time and CS knows you can’t, just deliver it whenever you are ready.

You’ve tried everything reasonable that you can.

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I’ve had a similar situation with buyers who ask me to send them custom offers but then don’t accept these until 4 or 5 days later when there is no way I can stick to the deadline I originally quoted.

You could always quote in number of days to do the work instead of mentioning a particular date in the offer, so you won’t be late if they accept the offer too late. It might also make them want to accept it earlier if they know approx how many days it will take to deliver, so it stays within their deadline.

I actually just make use of the expiry option on offers now. If a buyer doesn’t accept within 24 hours, the offer is withdrawn.


Is it 24 or 48hrs. Mine always says buyer has 2 day to respond or the order will be automatically cancelled.

And you are sure that he actually implied discussing details with the buyer and not just that he meant to tell the buyer 'due to personal reasons (or something vague like ‘unexpected illness/emergency/whatever fits and you might feel comfortable with and want to tell the buyer from your part) I need to cancel’?
I really can´t imagine that any company including Fiverr would expect or even want anyone associated with them to go into any deeper personal discussions of that kind with customers.

Either way, sorry to hear that and I hope it will turn out well enough.

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Well, I made an executive decision - put on hold the one personal issue I was dealing with (and when it comes to children, you know that’s never easy) and wrote the article. It’s a good thing I learned to write under pressure as a reporter. I was able to get it done in 30 minutes even while dealing with yet another personal matter.

I’ve already removed the instance of one-day turnaround for that gig and many others. We’ll see what happens.

And yes, miiila, this is what he told me. I needed to further clarify why I needed to cancel the order besides stating I was dealing with a personal issue. I didn’t want to mention the kid’s issue.


I’m pleased that you have this resolved. Now I just hope that all works out with your personal matter. Wishing you all the best!


Thanks… you and me both.

I had been in vacation mode due to impending doom and total devastation from a hurricane a while back. As soon as electricity came on in my boarded up completely dark home and I took a look at the internet again after a week, I saw someone had accepted an old custom order from a month previous. I had one hour to deliver it.

So it went late, the first or second time ever that happened to me. There was nothing to be done about it after contacting customer support. In short, sometimes bad things happen in our freelancing life that are beyond our control. It happens to everyone eventually. As for me, I still have to suffer the effects of that late delivery a month later.

I’ve gone to superhuman lengths at times to get deliveries done, involving massive amounts of coffee.


Aww @misscrystal I am sorry you were caught up in the

I am continually glad I do not have to deal with hurricanes or tornados where I live. Although there are blizzards and the occasional smallish earthquakes, I keep my fingers crossed there will never be a biggish earthquake.

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This happened to me few month ago; several times. Luckily didn’t get late but it was crazy as funk. After that, I started using the ´´Expiration Time´´ option.

If today; let´s say Monday - I say it can be ready within 2 days, I don´t think it is fair accepting the order on Friday at 11:59 pm…

Had to learn the hard way… Now I set expiration day to 2 days. So if the offer was not accepted within 48hs we might need to discuss project workflow again.

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Please keep in mind… sellers are not Fiverr’s employees. We are not employed by Fiverr. We are independent freelance workers who host our services on Fiverr’s website platform. Fiverr is not obligated to treat us as employees, nor provide us with special attention appropriate to that title. We are our own bosses. It is our responsibility to work out issues with our buyers/clients. If there is an issue that a seller feels the need to contact Customer Support about, CS is not responsible to solve that for us. They’ll help, as their policies allow, but the responsibility always falls on us, as sellers, to complete and resolve seller-buyer matters of concern.

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I have taken to putting an expiration date on all my custom orders as well.