Well, some good news


Newcastle United won their first match this season last night :slight_smile:


Now look forward to the India vs. Sri Lanka match :sunglasses: Lovely Sunday :cricket_bat_and_ball::soccer:


So the Irish guy lost to a 40-year old? Okay @eoinfinnegan :facepunch: :fist_left: :fist_right: :muscle: :facepunch:


Worlds best boxer beats amateur boxer to make his record 50-0.

That’s the headline


And the amateur boxer walks away with $50 million+. LOL.:laughing: [The world has been played by a couple of con artists]


Like you said the other day, WWE would be proud of this storyline.

In other news - Chelsea 2 - 0 Everton
"Chelsea playing like champions" say the commentators - what say you?


LOL…they won already? I was watching the cricket.


Half time.
Aside from my usual “Why would anyone ever watch cricket?”, why would you watch that over the EPL???


Because India is winning…if they start losing or playing badly will switch to EPL…Liverpool - Arsenal next.


Oh, I see. Pretty much the same reason I had some minor interest in the fight last night - national pride.
The battle for fourth/fifth place is more interesting than seeing the champions beat the 7th/8th placed team?


Okay, looks like I have to switch to EPL now. LOL.


Hey, is that issue to discuss here sir?


So we can talk sports but not Spartacus? OK.

I think McGregor had no business fighting Mayweather, unless his business was making $30 million.

Mayweather looks like a Hercules next to McGregor. Mayweather is HUGE, and he’s a boxer as opposed to UFC fighter.

Also, I don’t like McGregor’s tattoos.


You can clearly see that this THREAD is about sports so therefore sports discussion is not off topic.

The issue is when people go completely off topic on threads, not what they are discussing.