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Well...that's a new one and I've been here almost seven years

I’m not even sure where to direct my anger at the moment.

I had a buyer purchase a gig, great communication, we had worked together before, and I thought all was great.

Finished the gig on time. The buyer accepted the gig and gave me a five star review with “Love it, love it, love it!” as the review. With one day before the funds clear I get a message that the gig was cancelled by the buyer and all their money was returned.

How? What? Who? If a gig is closed how is this possible? No complaints were made, not even a single revision request. I don’t get it.


Actually we have nothing to do with this. If the CS is not taking any action against of this issue. Hope they will take some necessary step for seller as well. No worries. Keep patience. Everything will be all right. It’s just a matter of time

It could have been a chargeback by the buyer if it wasn’t done through CS. If it was, it’s probably against the TOS and they might get their account in trouble/lose it.

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It could have been a chargeback; if that’s what happened, the buyer probably no longer has an account on Fiverr.

Or they could have complained to CS, and CS sided with them. It happens.

Have you tried asking your buyer what happened?




They currently still have their account and are not responding to messages. Very strange.

Yeah. Tried to message them. Got nothing back.

Thanks for that. I checked the email that came with it and it was “cancelled by buyer”

Maybe messaging CS would help, then, or at least clarify things?

If you’re patient enough to wait for their response, that is.


Yeah, I was straight onto them. I’m not expecting much than a “shrug” and a “whata’are’ya’gonna’do?”. Just stinks because looking at my anyalitics I can see that it’s counted towards my cancellations and completion rate.

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In some cases, sellers were reimbursed after a chargeback, so there’s still hope.

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That would be nice. While I would like the money I worked for at this stage it’s the principal of it. Fiverr has a lot of things to work on.

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This was happened to me couple of times and i have lost almost 200$, i don’t think that you will get that money back…anyway check the reason with CS…

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I just had something similar (but not the same!) happen to me… I completed two orders for over $500 each and the buyers were both happy & the funds cleared into my account. I went on holiday and planned to withdraw the funds when I got back and saw that one of the orders said ‘payment cancelled’ and then ‘funds reversed to pending’ and all of the money was removed from my account & the other one said the same thing but only 20% of the payment had been removed.

I have reached out to both buyers and both claim they didn’t cancel the order or payment & have reached out to CS but have reached nothing back… something odd is going on…

Does anyone have any ideas?


2 of my orders were cancelled in july
last cancellation was on 25th july
both were coz of buyer chargeback ( had a previous cancellation coz buyer ordered without reading gig description)
my gig was thrown to the last page and i’ve been struggling since that
before that i was in top search results on my gig category

i contacted fiverr support
the cancellations were removed from fiverr stats but the impact is still there
my gig has not returned to a better position yet
even though i’m getting order and completing them with good rating

there is no help or solution to this

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Feeling sorry for you brother. :slightly_frowning_face:


I usually have one chargeback or refund per year. I’m getting better at screening the scammers out.


Hoping to hear from them. I submitted a ticket yesterday but there’s been no update. Nothing from the buyer either.

That sucks. Sorry to hear it. There is certainly a lot that Fiverr needs to fix.

Fiverr used to be a lot more fair to sellers but now it seems they are bending over backwards for the buyers only and abandoning the sellers.

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