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Well, that's annoying

I went in to change some of the delivery timelines on my gigs and discovered that for some reason they all for some reason were in same Writing and Translation sub-category, “Articles and Blog Posts,” despite the fact that I very distinctly remember carefully choosing relevant sub-categories for each of my gigs when I went through and added packages. Why? …seriously. Why?

Yep, sometimes the changes don’t save properly.

But it’s weird that they were all reverted to “Articles and Blog Posts,” when I know that most of them were never in that sub-category. I don’t think it’s about changes not saving.

oh, I see… not sure about that one, when I look at your Gigs, I see the different sub categories, keep an eye on them for a couple days. I guess your best bet would be to contact support if it changes again.

It was changed when fiverr was updating the site.

I’ve had some odd glitches like that too, where I’m updating my gig and it completely changes categories all together… ie; from voiceovers to health and wellness or something completely random. It’s so annoying, I feel like I’ve filled in my gig info so many times over and over. However, it hasn’t happened in a couple weeks so perhaps it’s a streak that will stay!