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Well the Jokes on you Buddy

So the other day, I started being bombarded by a scammer sending me 17 bleeding messages saying he needed work asap and needed to talk to me via ■■■■■. I blocked him, but you know how it is, Fiverr doesn’t actually prevent these absolute wastes of oxygen from sending more messages.

Anyway, today he starts again. I tell him I can’t help and then this happens:

So there it is. What is the point of even trying to battle against falling response rates and order completed rates? Literally, the only orders which I have cancelled this year (2) have been because of people like this.

The good news? For the moment, the joke is on this worthless piece of garbage. This is because he hasn’t filled out any order details and I don’t think I’m going to nudge him for them.

Just lost $10 buddy :slight_smile:


It really makes me wonder about the human race. Hopefully his stupidity extends to not knowing he has to fill out the requirements.


Yep, this might take me to $100 sitting in limbo because orders never started. I might one day see if I can deliver them.

That said, maybe this is the answer to Fiverr’s money worries! Just imagine how much cash is sitting in limbo on Fiverr because of situations like this!


I got $200 in limbo buddy :smiley: not complaining.

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See, together we’ve already got enough for a romantic weekend break in Azerbaijan. There must be millions in limbo on Fiverr. I want it.


I got $175 in limbo…I hate to see how they balance their checkbooks.

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That’s the beauty of it, one of them was a tax accountant :smiley: Human kind really is going downhill.

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Don’t we have an option to ignore requirements?
You got the order and you also notice that buyer didn’t fill requirement so you will get one another option. I am not sure but i think it is like
"i got all i need"

This is why fiverr needs to block people from ordering from us if we block their messages.