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Well, There She Blows

I know that we have had enough rants about how unfair it is that some people get demoted come review day. That said, I haven’t been demoted. What I want to rant about, is why I will definitely be demoted next month and why the new review system now only slowly reduces the overall quality of services on Fiverr.

To start, my present stats are 100%, 95%, and 99%. I was at 100% for orders completed at the end of January. Then, however, I had to cancel 5 orders over the next 30-days, due to people ordering things which I do not provide, the likes of which included:

  • An 8-minute video and voice over editing service
  • A 12,000-word edit of a document which the buyer wanted to pay $10 for (and definitely no more), due to the fact that they assumed I would only need to replace 500 individual words.
  • An edit of an existing Youtube explainer video which the buyer wanted the text changing on, as well as the inclusion of their own logo rather than that of the company it actually pertained/belonged to.
  • A full website re-write (and translation) of several pages of Portuguese text.

As for why I will definitely be demoted by the next evaluation date, I just had one buyer place 8-individual orders for multiple 1,000-word articles, which need to be delivered in 2-days. This despite me already advising this buyer that I cannot deliver more than 2 x 1,000-word articles per day. This doesn’t matter to them, though, they just need their work ASAP.

In short, there is simply no practical way for sellers like me to make allowances for the great assumers of the Fiverr marketplace.

It is not possible for me to say “I will make this exact explainer video for $10,” and not have a buyer come along and send me a bunch of After Effects or Blender source files which they want rendering into a completely custom video.

(Also, this is precisely why I got rid of such gigs prior to the new review system).

As for the fact that (apparently) reduced levels don’t affect sales. - Nah, sorry, being demoted by Fiverr isn’t about reduced sales volumes.

My old competitors in the real estate video niche (who just sell stolen Video Hive work) are flourishing as a result of this new review system. They, after all, just need to cut and paste a few buyer details and their work is done.

Given how Fiverr will be slapping a pair of training wheels on me next month, while continuing to let stolen logo, video, and other media sellers flourish, March will be the end of my Fiverr journey.

I respect myself more than to allow myself to turn from a freelancer into a digital sweatshop worker. Much more importantly, I don’t think I’m alone in this sentiment. I wouldn’t be surprised in this case, if quite soon, all the new Fiverr rating system results in is a very real talent vacuum and Fiverr becoming nothing more than the Envato Studio Silk Road of the Internet.

Rejoice all ye how do I mek sellers. Thou wilt soon inherit Fiverr after all.


Can you think of a better way for an unscrupulous Seller to eliminate his competition than to send him fake orders that will result in cancellations and demotion?

Or, disgruntled former employee/seller/buyer to throw a wrench in the system by doing this to true professionals like you?

Honestly, I’ve become convinced that micro-job sites are on the downside of the bell curve because of the many, many headaches. That’s why Fiverr purchased that new company. And as you and I migrate from micro-jobsites to being on our own, we will need the type of service they now offer.


I have been hoping for YEARS for some way for us to review orders before they come through or are accepted… I’ve gotten SO MANY orders over the years - ALMOST 600!! (over 8 years, mind you) that were people asking me for things I wouldn’t do. That’s just ridiculous and we should not be held accountable for buyer mistakes and assumptions like these. It doesn’t matter how clear we are in our gig descriptions, there will always be these liabilities because some buyers just don’t care. People ask me record videos for them, etc, too ---- I don’t record videos or video testimonials!

I also get “Client changed mind and I need to cancel” all the time. It’s ridiculous. I can’t convince these buyers to stay - it’s just not possible. And yet, myself, and other sellers are punished for this BUYER behavior.

I’m sorry you’ll likely be demoted next eval. I’ll be demoted to level 1 at this rate. I was TRS last month and for years. Never once had a flag on my account, a late order, and only 2 negative reviews in 8 years of service here. 4,500+ good reviews.


I feel like I haven’t seen you on here in a while. Then again, I haven’t been on the forum as much. Anyways…

If you told the buyer that you can’t deliver the work in that time frame, and they just went eh, I’ll order anyway and sent in about 8 orders, I think it’d be in your best interest to reiterate what you said and send a request for time extension before canceling.

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Out of principle, I do not work with anyone who has zero respect for my time. When I do, those orders result every time in: “That’s great but can you do it all again?” And “Sorry, this wasn’t what we were looking for, please cancel” requests. - And if those requests are turned down, chargebacks.

I have canceled every order placed. I am not a monkey. Even in an ideal world where this buyer would agree to extend delivery times and not file a chargeback later, I will just end up getting another like them at some point. Then another. Then another.

Life (not just Fiverr) is like a bar. You can implement a smoking ban, put security on the door, and even roll out prohibition. Even after all that, though, you’re still going to have at least one drunk git ruining everyone’s night once in a while.

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I agree but I don’t.

What used to work well for me, was writing and creating my own video templates, before selling these for $10 -$60 depending on what level of customization buyers wanted.

Fiverr was the GIG Economy. I used to create video work which I could expedite while appealing to buyers on a budget. Then, however, the floodgates of copyright violators opened and now people charge less than me for top-market quality work, which buyers don’t realize is just slapped together copyright infringed media.

I have invested heavily in video production over the past year. As a result, I can now produce pro-quality videography editing and animations. Any gig which I would put on Fiverr, though, would need to be priced at $150 at least. Also, realistically, I would only be able to turn around 10 such gigs per month.

My point?

Micro jobs like $10 written articles now kick legitimate sellers to the gutter, due to low prices attracting low-quality buyers who now have the power to ruin seller reputations.

“So raise your prices!” Chant the Fiverr glory supporters.

But then guess what? One buyer out of 10 paying $150 per order has the same power as 10 individual buyers used to when they order by mistake or attempt to pull off a chargeback.

The new rating system is, therefore, what has killed Fiverr as a viable micro working platform. It has taken a freelance platform with a few bugs and created 2 different yet severely flawed freelance work models.


And now a new buyer places an order for 14 articles. What are the chances…

This is beyond disturbing. Why would anyone need that many separate orders to begin with? Does no one know how to simply increase the quantity on the purchase page?

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I’ve been having this problem for YEARS. People buy a bunch of separate gigs… I’m really happy they implemented the “send invoice” option, but a lot of buyers don’t even ask. Drives me nuts to mark multiple things delivered, but whatever it takes.

Agreed 1000%. I have this problem too, which if you remember from yesterday, resulted in 6 canceled gigs. I think when they get to that page, Fiverr should make it really obvious that this is where they can purchase gig multiples.

It’s clear buyers just don’t know that’s an option.

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Fair enough, I’d have to agree. I was just thinking of ways to possibly save your level, but as you said, someone else will just do the same and defeat the purpose.

I haven’t been demoted, but there is a different sense of urgency I feel in the community as a whole when it comes to protecting ratings that just kind of rubs off. It’s nice to know some aren’t allowing themselves to bullied.