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Well this is annoying

Buyer sent incomplete requirements. I immediately messaged them to let them know I need an essential file. They message that they couldn’t upload it and that they want to email it to me… I reply explaining why that’s not possible and how to send it… and it got flagged. Then i tried to send it again, worded different and it got flagged. So it’s possible I won’t be able to start until more than halfway into the order. That’s not good.

Not sure how to proceed

Maybe flagged because of some of the terms you used but I think after manual review, they will remove the flag. You may contact CS and they might review and remove flag instantly.

I will suggest you to paraphrase that “Outside of Fiverr” line.

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I think the trigger terms is “outside of Fiverr”, which is dumb. Maybe you could just substitute it with a link to the TOS and something like “Check the TOS for policies on contacting buyers/sellers”

Also, I think you can still send messages even after one or two have been flagged. I’ve managed to do it before.

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Makes sense. I’ll try to contact them, thanks,

Yeah I can still send messages. It’s just I’m trying to explain to him but Fiverr is having none of it lol.

I’ll try that as well. Thanks.

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Look for the warning when you type certain words. Email triggers a warning, e-mail doesn’t. Money triggers, cash doesn’t, $ doesn’t. I think I’ve written “I don’t communicate outside of Fiverr” and it triggers no warning.


It’s weird though, since I never send messages that pop up a warning. When sensitive words come up, I rephrase. Even so, several messages with the phrase “outside of Fiverr” have been flagged.

If only there were some consistency/rhyme/reason to the system…

Who do you think is flagging you? CS? How would they even know? AI?

I’m pretty sure it’s just some kind of detection system that is sensitive to certain phrases. CS probably doesn’t have the time for that.

It’s just kind of weird that they don’t pop up the warning sometimes but still flag your message. Seems somewhat inconsistent.

The same thing happened to my friend. She said it was resolved within 48 hours. Calling CS didnt help her at all.