Well, this was an odd interaction


The prospect writes:


I am interested in branding my business and driving up sales daily… I need 5+ sales a day with an average profit of $30 to survive out there…

what can you offer me?

To which I reply:

I don’t really want to suggest publicity as a tool for someone who is in survival mode. Thank you for thinking of me though there are lots of solutions out there. Keep at it.

To which the prospect write:


I do not find this to be very respectable…

I work full time and make more than $65,000 yearly… I do not need money badly, but I would love to get my website making enough to where I do not need to work full time and listen to someone bossing me around all day long…

I prefer not working with you after your rude comment of judgement!

P.S. If I am not in survival mode then how can I afford hosting, and own over 1,000 domains in cash parking?

Good luck making your $5 on here treating people like you have with me the same way…

Now here's what gets me. Why would (a) someone think I was disrespectful as an opening response to this... (after all, I did say thank you for thinking of me and encouraged) and then (b) did the person just totally forget they used the word "to survive out there.."

I mean, why was it disrespectful when I feed it back, but not when s/he said it?


And of course, finally, I do very well on Fiverr and elsewhere in my business. For someone making an objection based on "politeness" or the perception there of... why piss on my business and wealth?


I think they’d be better off selling some of those useless spam domains to afford some website design gigs. XD


The worse part for me is I"m an anti-poverty activist. Some would even call me a class warrior. So, to have that response stung.



"I guess you should have thought of that before you became PEASANTS!"

-Emperor’s New Groove

But in all seriousness, don’t let it get you down. You were nothing but polite and helpful. People just get really irrational sometimes and vent their insecurities to the wrong people :).


Love the quote :wink:


I once had a guy beg and plead me to write an ebook full of all of my advice for him to sell (for $5 of course), I kept politely refusing. This was his final message to me

"Adam… If you lived in my world I would take you out into the street and slap you so hard that you’d think you were somebody’s bitch… which you obviously are…! And, if I can get your right to represent Fiverr as a Seller terminated, I will spend a least as much money as I’d spent on your worthless, cowardly ass to do so…!"

To that point, he had spent $5… Sometimes you have to brush it off and get on with your day

EDIT: He did not use the word fragglesrock - but I find that automatic censor by the Forum hilarious and will keep it


Oh MY! as George Takai would say :slight_smile:


I can see why they didn’t appreciate you “assuming” that they were in survival mode. You could have just as easily declined to work with them by not including that statement.

Even when I cannot work with a buyer because they are asking too much I always wish them well and try to be polite with each communication with them. my 2cents…


No worries, however, it was their language not mine. I was feeding back their words. So it wasn’t an “assumption” … nor even a “judgement” it was a mirroring/parroting of their language.

And, of course, I did wish him well. I said: “Thank you for thinking of me though there are lots of solutions out there. Keep at it.” …yes?


I think it was a matter of how exactly you reflected the buyers words of “survive out there”" to mean something completely different in your response. I completely understand your intent however people can often times become very sensitive about their business and the words used to describe their business.


Absolutely, as an NLP oriented person I live in a space of cognitive dissonance in re words.

  1. The meaning of a communication is the response that you get (In that sense, I “was” offensive, because I GOT offense).

    and (at the same time)

  2. Words have no meaning at all. That meaning is revealed and occurs inside the “person”/“people” …and as such… what I said “means nothing at all” LOL


And see, MyMondo, I like you a whole lot already!


Thanks! I like you too and I always enjoy reading your comments and you make excellent points!


This person is a fly-off-the-handle sort (granted maybe survival mode caught him wrong.)

:smiley: But he has value as an organ donor.


Reply to @anarchofighter: that is too funny and now I understand why I keep seeing fragglesorck all over the board


Try typing in some of the “other freelance sites” and low and behold, fragglesorck!


Reply to lparziale: hahahaha thats funny


Reply to @tn5rr2012: I was typing up a comment in one of the forum posts and was going to refer to the contractor site that stars with an “O” (now it sounds like we are swearing - LOL) and the fun fragglesorck! replaced it!! Just too funny. Guess it would be like swearing to them.


Wow! Smh!