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Well, this's just a rant


Someone wanted me to draw a flat portrait (a flat portrait, not a realitic one), with some extra requirement like high resolution, drawing a black T shirt instead of the white shirt they’re wearing…and they obviously failed to read the gig description since they asked for information that were already there.

But they were polite and the requests didn’t take up time so I went with it.

When I delivered they said it doesn’t look like them, and I made the 1st modification. Then they still aren’t happy and I made the second one. They till not accept.

The problem is they never said what’s wrong, just “doesn’t look like me” repeatedly even when I asked for more details on what’s wrong. When I sent the last modification I said if it still doesn’t meet their expectation, send me a cancelation and I’ll accept. They, again, said “doesn’t look like me” and just stop. I had to send the cancellation myself.

They didn’t give me intrustion, they didn’t read my description, they didn’t read my message, and they expected me to read their mind!

It seems I should have taken a psychic class before drawing class.


This happens a lot of time , i clearly stated in all of my gigs -“before you order please contact me” , better to discuss earlier than later .

miacmht said: They didn't give me intrustion, they didn't read my description, they didn't read my message, and they expected me to read their mind!

Sorry to hear you had one of 'those' buyers. That's the reason why I don't offer any drawing or design gigs here. Way too open to personal opinion! Best of luck in the future. :)