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Well.. today is the day to draw quick random thingz

Here I am with my cup of hot coffee :coffee:, and thanks to the taste of this new coffee from an unknown brand, something came to my brain :brain: to capture in a quick sketch what happens when a buyer sees a desperate seller :hot_face:. in this thread you can create a drawing about this! Let’s start and don’t forget your cuppa :coffee: coffee!!


Mine isn’t as good as yours!


I love it! :smiley: it’s very nice! :wink:

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Thanks. You’re too kind! :bowing_man: :sweat_smile:

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Here is my quick rough sketch of a Summer Luxury Gold looking retro style Real Estate interior in design artwork in Palm Beach, Florida I came up with the idea in the morning with my coffee and listening to jazz music.

I should have done better, slow down and not going crazy with the interior design on this!

Done with Wacom Cintiq 13HD tablet drawing in Adobe Photoshop CC. :slight_smile:

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you have the last name of an artist! “Kojima” :open_mouth: :+1: why did you delete the post? it’s a beautiful drawing!! :smiley:

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I have a Huion Kamvas Pro 13 :smiley:

Oh, I deleted it because I thought no one care to view my artwork. So I guess I should’ve removed my post. :slight_smile: Sorry about that.

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Cool! I never heard of it. Honestly, I preferred Wacom brand, especially Cintiq are pretty strong. I understand that it is expensive for most artists who couldn’t afford one. However, saving money is a long road to get the best for creative advance with art workflow.

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