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Well you trust a reviews?

I had someone who message me for exchange reviews at first, I want but I declined due to the fact that I have to spend a lot of money for it and I am here in Fiverr to enhance my skills because I am soon to have my services officially. just waiting for my sony vegas to be fix because thats the most wanted service I give.

Therefore, one day. I was looking for someone to vector me and this guy who need exchange reviews offer me that I guess I have to choose him because of 700+ reviews.

I no exchange reviews, just do it perfectly what I request. I just need you to vector this.

So he started and I purchase his Gig.

I was shocked that I have to wait for 6 days long to wait for the Logo. So I am kind of curious.

After 4 days. He submitted his work. It’s very small size like 600x600! and that that clean quality of vectors. I let him revise and I said provide me the PSD because if it’s PSD. I am expecting higher quality.


I mean why the hell? why he gives me a very small Pixel? size of file is 107 kb, even I paid him 5 USD? trust issues or something.

so will I cancel my order to him? It pissed me off… whenever I deliver such things. I give it in high quality. I don’t know whats wrong with this people. 700+ reviews!? 6 days of waiting and low quality orders? ugh! sadly, he paid for reviews exchange. wasting such money to fool people.

First, it’s a good thing you didn’t exchange reviews and please don’t. That is manipulation of reviews and is against the Fiverr ToS. It gives sellers a bad name as well.

Second, for $5 I think you expected way more than you really should have and are awfully upset for a base gig order. A low quality small logo with no source file is about right for five bucks. A nice high quality logo would normally cost a lot more. I’m not a designer, but I don’t think .psd is a vector format either. Vector would be .ai or .svg, I think. I wouldn’t cancel unless he didn’t deliver what he said he would. If you only paid $5 and you don’t care for it based on personal taste, just don’t leave a review. That’s just my opinion, though, so take it or leave it. :slight_smile:

So you’re upset that you paid $5 for $5 worth of work? It’s saddening that clients such as yourself expect gold when offering pennies. You also didn’t consider the amount of work the seller has, nor considered reading the gig description on average time of delivery. Sellers don’t live on this site 24/7 for the simple convenience of a $5 sale. Pretty sure he or she has a life to live. The seller is not the blame.

Wow. It sounds like you expected the world for only $5, and then became angry when the seller delivered $5 worth of his/her time and skills. If you want a larger size image, or an even higher quality delivery, you need to pay for it.

I have to add, I’m also baffled at the idea that you would expect greatness at any price from someone who already told you he manipulates reviews. There are so many logo sellers on Fiverr, some with thousands of real reviews. :open_mouth:

I don’t know where to start. Then I remember all your other posts and it all makes sense. What everyone else said, really.

This comment is out of context but I’d just like to bring up that your account might get in trouble due to your gig on doctoring documents. I don’t think it is something Fiverr wants to be sold on this site.

So, if I read this right, you wanted a high resolution file, source file and extra fast delivery for 5.00? That’s a lot to ask for 5.00.

You mentioned he is exchanging positive reviews but you can’t afford them. Then you rely on his positive reviews to get his gig. But, you know he got his reviews in exchange for giving others positive reviews. Can you see the paradox of this?