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Wellcome to my new gig new blast

Finally today I decided I create new gig and for Leads Generation.
Now a days marketing is neccessary for every companies
I have 7 Lac leads which I mentioned in my gig
and In this gig I m also offering some services
Web Scraping
Web Automation
Web Research
Data Entry
Data Mining
Big Data

Thankyou for your time

I don’t often comment on spelling mistakes, but I feel yours may affect your SEO title.

I keep seeing ‘web scrapping’ - it should be ‘web scraping’.

I hope you don’t mind me letting you know, because nobody will be searching for web scrapping! :slight_smile:

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okay. Hard work pays

Thanks for your spelling :slight_smile:

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could you please share some tips?

That is very good. I am also learning.

Hope you will do better. I also have same service