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Welp, I finally got it - the "exposure" offer!

As some of you know from my past postings, I’ve made it a habit of pretty much immediately mentioning my rate in any chat I have, because some of these buyers will go on and on and on for an hour +, message-by-message, and balk at my (clearly-stated-in-the-gig!) rate as if I’ve personally offended them. I honestly just don’t have the time to deal with it anymore, so I stop that train before it hits the tracks.

I had what looked to be a promising order on the line (enough to pay my mortgage for the month in one fell swoop), going back and forth with this person. It was a tight deadline for a large volume of work, but I talked out bringing a peer on board as a teammate so we could get it done quickly. I further offered to put the finished work in Shopify to help “seal the deal”, a service I don’t typically offer.

I mentioned that the total cost of the project would be $900 at least twice in our hourlong conversation, so there’s zero chance they didn’t see that. I directed them back to my gig page at least twice when we were discussing minutiae, as well, and my rate is clearly stated on there.

So now, after hashing out the functionality, timeline, and what I thought to be cost, I sent them an offer very late last night while we were in an active conversation. I had to head to bed after that, because it was 1:30 in the morning where I live. I woke up to discover they balked, bigtime. They wanted me to do the project for $400 and “exposure” via their social media page. Further, they were claiming I “changed” my gig pricing while we were talking, and that when they searched for me, the cost they were shown was a third less than my stated rate. I haven’t touched my gigs in months, so I have no idea what they’re talking about - I checked my gigs from the phone and computer on incognito browser tabs and everything looks fine to me.

The cynical part of me wonders if it was a scam to get me to agree to less money - that they always knew my rate and they’re pretending there’s some glitch. They also got really sh*tty with me at the end of our conversation, super condescending, talking about how I’d be more successful if I lowered my costs and took on more jobs…like, I already have 20 projects in my queue? Consistently? I need “help” like a hole in the head and my husband barely sees me as it is. :rofl:


I also got exposure offer one time, website development for exposure on instagram that had idk 10 followers and probably all of them were bots anyway? haha


I can top that. Once I told an interested user the pricing, then discussed the whole project over two days. In the end he was suddenly asking if there was a different way to pay as he thought about his budget again. I asked him what he meant, what his budget would be. He didn’t answer, he asked for a reasonable price. I told him that the reasonable price is the one we discussed and the one that’s actually on the gig page. Then he dropped the bomb. “He is an idependent artist, but he will make his way all to the top, I can be a part of it, I just need to support him now!” He actually had a budget of $0 and completely wasted my time. Instead he offered me to share his spotify earnings if I produce his music video. Of course that’s not an option for me but out of curiosity I checked his spotify account - and he had 4 monthly listeners. I kindly told him that I won’t work with him and his last message was “I found out which software you are using, I’ll do it myself now. And I’ll do it better! You will see me on the top!”

Sometimes there seems to be no difference between a lunatic buyer and a great troll. However, at least I had a good laugh.


For what it’s worth, this gave me a good chuckle :rofl:

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I recently had a customer offer to link my stories(I write fanfics when I’m not busy doing other things) and give me some sort of exposure. Same customer asked me to lower my (Considerably low for what I offer, if I’ve checked recent pricing for my skill-range’s gigs) prices so it could fit their budget. Welp, that didn’t go to their plan, my baseline price is $15 for what he asked for.(Turns out the Doc he asked me to help edit was 162 pages long and my poor brain died before we hit week 3). This is the kind of stuff that makes me awry about posting my skills/gigs on here in the first place.