Welp, I'm in a pickle. xD


Hey guys! Welp. I am on my way to the hospital in about two hours. I have had the most terrible pain in my life for the past 8 hours and I am going to assume that I’m going to be heading into labor. xD

I have about 20 orders in que right now… the next one is due in 2 days and I’ll be in surgery probably. I know canceling all of them will kind of put me back to level 0 and remove the featured seller status. What a pickle.

Any suggestions?


Yes. Don’t worry about your level status! All your customers will completely understand!

Good luck :slight_smile:


Oh it’s a boy. The second I found out I was pregnant I looked at my then-boyfriend (now husband) and said, “It’s one of your kind.” xD lol…

I think I’m in labor… I truly have no idea as the doctors here have really been gray with me. They did not tell me what it feels like to be in labor and last time, it was a false alarm. Hopefully this is another fluke so I can get all these gigs done. x_X

I’m a workaholic. I hate to disappoint. :x

Thanks though, guys. I think I’ll try to pump out as many as possible for now and then ask the rest to cancel. T_T but I’d probably cry.


I should also mention that when you are willing to take up fiverr again, I imagine fiverr customer support will help you with gettin back your featured seller status. Let them know if you can. (After all, they only make money when you make money. Featured sellers make them money!)


you should message the buyers and explain it’s an emergency. 99% of buyers i have met are very understanding when it comes to home life and emergency situations. good luck hun. Whatever you do don’t cancel orders unless you have to. being late is better than a cancel if a customer doesn’t mind a late order they will be fine. maybe some will even let you deliver as an IOU. you give them an automated video or picture explaining you will finish the order as soon as you come back. believe me the customer will understand. :slight_smile:


Reply to @mrspanda: You can be a workaholic AFTER you have the baby! Let the buyers know - it’s baby-priority time. Best of luck! :slight_smile:


I messaged all of them and told them the situation. Best case scenario, I’m just being a drama queen about all the pain. I’m currently waiting on the taxi to take me to the hospital. I also contacted CS, good idea!

Thank you all for your support. I thought the baby wasn’t coming for another week so I’m not sure if I’m ready for all of this!


Hey everyone! Welp, my gig is currently extended to 29 days. I’m going into surgery today and gonna have the baby :slight_smile: thanks for everyone’s continuous support in Fiverr!! You guys are the best


Congratulations on your new arrival! Whoo hoo!!!


your baby’s middle name should be “Fiverr” now…lol jk. awesome job


Thats so exciting mrspanda!

Congrats :slight_smile: I hope everything goes fine

Surely let us know!


Thanks all! It’s a boy, 7 lbs 3 ounces!! He’s getting a bath now from the nurse. :slight_smile:

I had a buyer that refused mutual cancellation, won’t explain why, and bought a gig extra on top of it :confused:


Reply to @mrspanda: Congrats…mom…

I am the first one to wish you from Fiverr community…after giving birth…


Reply to @mrspanda: Congratulations !


Congratulations! Such a healthy weight.

Enjoy your time with your baby and don’t worry about the orders. You and baby are all that matter right now :wink:


Reply to @mrspanda:

congratulations! :slight_smile:



Yeah I’m trying not to worry… But I’m just used to it :smiley:


Congrats!! I hope it all goes well for you.

As for your gigs, I’ll deliver them for you and give them scottish predictions, true harsh reality lol.


Good luck, Mrs Panda. Babies come on their schedule, not the doctors. Looks like he’s on his way! :smiley: (Edit: And I see you had him! CONGRATS!)


Congratulation mrs.panda! I can’t imagine why someone won’t understand your situation. That is very inhuman of them.