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Went from first in the search listing to 20+

   So i offer  graphic gigs for fortnite, one of the first to do it on the website and i knew there would be a need for the gig i was going to offer and became a level 2 seller by doing so in couple months. I'm currently in a situation where i use to be the first on the listings when you searched 'Fortnite' now i can't even find myself to be completely honest and its been like this for a month now (i think). I'm absolutely buried under 'New Arrivals' offering coaching searching services. There was huge spike in these gigs because big youtubers were buying fortnite coaching gigs and trolling the sellers in game. So i'm assuming these sellers wanted to play with youtubers and also collect that fiverr money at the same time, so they completely spammed the website. I have absolutely no problems with new sellers offering their gigs but them completely sinking my level 2 account and 170+ review gig in the search results is beyond me and i'm a bit worried its going to affect me. Idk if this can be fixed but it shows that my gig didn't even stand a chance against the spam and majority of them haven't been reviewed as yet, I love fiverr but this is a bit off.
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