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Went from Top Seller Evaluation to ZERO

This is in the ranting pot for a reason! Just an FYI before responding to this thread.

I made a post last week about this - more specifically about the statistics of what happened. This one is more of a BEWARE/rant for business owners. Really can not believe what I am seeing to be honest.

June 2020 Joined Fiverr (with experience in my field, just hadn’t used Fiverr)
Aug 2020 - First few orders rolled in
by October 2020 I was getting steady orders to the point where I could barely keep up, but I worked round the clock because of how awesome it was that this quickly became the main source of income for my business and sort of took most of my focus, rightfully so.

August - 4 Completed, Sales $98.50, Tips $40
Sept - 5 Completed, Sales $304, Tips $42.20
Oct - 21 Completed, Sales $4,169, Tips, $129
Nov - 33 Completed, Sales $8,626, Tips $279.18
Dec - 19 Completed, Sales $8068, Tips $52 (purposely left prices higher for holiday weeks to take a “break”.)
Jan 2021 - 18 Completed, Sales $5,164, Tips $102.20 (this is when the holiday earnings completed, hence a little lower)
Feb 2021 - 27 Completed, Sales $7,914.40, Tips $154.40

I have 70 Reviews. 68 are 5-star, 2 of them are less than 5 stars. None of them are 1 star.

I reached LEVEL 1 - as fast as it’s allowed for having an account open
I reached LEVEL 2 - as fast as it’s allowed for having an account open
February 14th I hit all the marks to be ELIGIBLE for TRS - in under 6 months - the fastest it can be done, just as with the other levels (not bragging, just looking at this from an algorithm recognizing standpoint). I know it’s tough to get TRS, and almost NEVER happens during the first few evaluations, but I was excited and feeling confident to be eligible anyway.

During all of these months, I was getting probably 4-6000 impressions per day, approx 110-130k per month on my main gig. I have other gigs also performing fairly well, some are at 2500 impressions per month, etc.


  • I set Out-Of-Office for my first time ever, as I left for a trip out of state for Feb 20th and 21st.
    The OOO expired for some reason on the 21st (morning), so I re-set it to expire again the next day. (During this time I was still answering messages that came in from existing clients, and some new that came in as the Ooo first expired.)

Since coming back from my two out of office days, I have received ZERO messages from new clients. I am on page 7 of the results for “wix website” which previously I was the top 1-3 RESULT in the US. Not just page, but top row of results on the 1st page. For MONTHS.

Since my return from out of office, I delivered and completed 9 orders that were active when I left. I believe 4 of those left 5 star reviews and 2 tips. I am now down to my last 2 delivered/in revision and have NO active orders or messages coming in. TERRIFYING

Guys, I took 2 days off and I never received a message, ever again. I thought maybe it would take a couple days to pick back up. But zero messages in 9+ days. I went from thinking I was about to achieve top rated seller status as fast as can possibly be done, instead came back from my weekend off as a ZERO on Fiverr.

This is terrifying for a business owner. Luckily I have other sources of income at the moment. But many people depend on Fiverr for long term income.

You can go from Level 0, to 1, to 2, thinking you’re about to become a top sller, down to the last page, all in one day.

Yes, in the meantime I have updated my gigs, cleaned up a few things I neglected previously due to time, took a couple of the Learn from Fiverr and Skills tests, etc. I have also launched profiles on many other freelancing sites. I am a Wix Partner with Legend status, etc so I’m really hoping I can grow the other accounts the way I thought Fiverr was growing.

Just wanted to share my terrifying story. If you are suddenly doing amazing on Fiverr, DON’T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB.

I didn’t get banned. I didn’t get warnings. I didn’t violate terms. I didn’t get a slew of bad reviews. I just took 2 days off and disappeared from meaningful search result pages.

Some people said they were moved to page 7 or the last page of results as level 2/TRS before but bounced back after a few days.

I am on day 10, no bounce back.

End rant.


I want to add, as far as things I’ve done to try to get back in action -

Created some new small “spin-off” gigs which seem to be ranking up/ (i.e. small orders for tiny pieces of what my normal gig would include within a larger package).

After making many changes to my big-to-zero gig, it did disappear from results completely. CS was nice enough to issue a quick review/refresh and I appeared again, but still way back on page 7.

Also, an order completed this morning (1st of the month) which technically is another $475 earned in feb. Plus 1 more active/in revision for the same amount.

So Feb 2021 earnings were really about $8,900. March so far 1 order from a person I have been speaking to for months that finally just placed an order. But ZERO new customers


You are not the only one facing this. I have the similar story as well. I accidentally clicked on out of office and few minutes later i realise that i clicked on that option while making some changes. Then i change it back to avalible and now my gig impressions suddenly dropped and no new orders coming through.


I want to offer some words of comfort and hope…

I have used out of office made (and before that when it was called vacation mode) a couple of times a year for the past seven or so years. I tend to take a break for a couple of weeks at a time.

Whenever I do, it takes at least two or three weeks for my gigs to start to recover once I’m back - but usually within a month or so I’m back to where I was before activating OoO mode.

I’ll be honest though and say it is scary activating OoO as I never know whether my gigs will return to full strength. I often use this phrase in the forum >>>> although Fiverr is my preferred freelancing platform it is nonetheless very volatile for sellers, and because of this I deliberately keep Fiverr as a part-time source of revenue.

Keep some faith… your gigs are likely to return to their former strength, it might just take a few weeks. All I would add is that based on experience and acquired knowledge through the forum, Fiverr doesn’t like to see too many changes to gigs in one go. Because of this, I would caution against making too many changes to your account and gigs. Just let things recover naturally.

Is it right this should happen? Arguably not. But again, I often say this in the forum, it’s Fiverr’s platform and they can do what they want!


Out of office seems to have killed your momentum, but it would be a pretty safe bet to place that this is only a temporary condition.

Heck, many sellers would be begging to trade places with you while even in your current lull. As with everything, it’s a matter of perspective.


I really appreciate the insight. Especially concerning ooo mode and your similar story.

I contacted CS and they assured me ooo has nothing to do with ranking or the algorithm, but I’m not really sure Fiverr even tells CS fully how the algorithm works, so they were just giving me a standard answer.

Glad to hear yours came back. I’ve seen other seller stories all over this forum (not related to ooo mode) where level 2/TRS suddenly moved to last page/page 7 with no explanation at all, and in their stories it said months later that they were still on the last page.

I hope your story becomes my story! Thank you


I agree with this. It makes no sense for Fiverr to put a well performing seller off work that long, I think it’s a process of them updating the system.


Oh Absolutely! I know that this income is something that most people don’t earn in a year on Fiverr. I’m extremely grateful for all of it, even if I never make another dollar here (I certainly don’t think that will be the case).

That said, I use this money to pay down debts. I use it to pay the bills of the business. It’s just scary that it can go from steady $8k/month down to zero leads at all just after a couple days off.

Thank you for your response!


I was making even more than you and I am out of search for more than 2 months. Not a single new order from a new client. Promoted gigs are not working as well.
Everything turned down for one day. The thing is that I have never been on vacation, never… This is probably due to the private rating from the buyers. It’s really scary.


These are the stories that scare me! 2 months would literally set me back to square one.

And same here, my gig was eligible for promotion after I noticed all this. So I put in a promotion. The next day, it said my gig was no longer eligible for promotion and to try to do better.

I agree, probably from some private ratings. But it should move us down a couple blocks, then back up. Not to the last page!

Sorry to hear that.


MAJOR kudos for getting rid of debt!

What kind of bills? General overhead/labor?


God bless you for sharing your story. It will help newbie like me to organize myself and know when not to use the OOO.
SORRY for your loss, I hope you get back on.


Well my business does more than just what I do on Fiverr. So I do have insurance (general liability, as well as Errors & Omission, just for peace of mind in case I ever click the wrong button and mess things up big for a client).

Accountant and accounting software
Adobe subscription
I use a gaming PC for my work and just used business funds for a gaming laptop so I can work more remotely.
Payroll to myself (plus taxes etc)
General overhead
Cloud storage
Insurance as mentioned above

Other subscriptions as necessary, my own website/marketing etc

Pretty standard stuff, yeah. (TY for answering. Was just curious.)


In dezember i used the “Out of Office” for 15 days, and i back to work normally. Well maybe affected differently the users.

All this metrics don’t matters in the end, in February was made rotation in the Gigs for TRS and Sellers level 2. According to Fiverr Support this is to give new opportunities for the new users… well a good opportunity is using the Buyer Request… not send good gigs to the bottom of the results.

The strange is that this not affect your gig but your entire account… you can check that the Promoted Gig was disabled for this users… the algorithm will work as the Fiverr want, but if they want to make this rotation… at least this rotation could be more frequently all weeks/15 days to give opportunities to all without harm sellers that already work for months/years.

The Fiverr Support just said to make courses in Learn from Fiverr, use the buyer request, test your skills, keep providing the best quality… and you will grow again. When? Who knows…

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Same here, I had a stomach virus last month & switched to out of office mode for 3 days. When I came back on I had 0 activity on a few of my gigs… it took about a week to get them going again.

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I’d suggest never going on OOO mode and instead pausing the individual gigs. For me anyway, this has worked in the past. As others have said, it may bounce back just as oddly as it nosedived.
Great start by the way!


I was removed from search for 2 months.

So your situation is way way simpler than mine. And now I am back in search. The fact that people can still find you is an advantage. See the bright side.

By the way, I don’t understand the fuss with being a top rated seller. I was one for 5 years out of my 7 year tenure on Fiverr. Aside from having a faster withdrawal time for funds, I see no benefit. But to each his own I guess.


I can’t tell if you’re trying to help, or just trying to tell me you have it worse than me lol.

Anyway, I would argue we don’t know who’s situation is worse, given that I am still stuck on that last page. If you disappear from results all together, CS will issue a refresh on your account in less than 24 hours. Have you asked CS about that?

Also, I mentioned that I was eligible for top seller, but I am in no rush to attain it. I was proud that I was eligible in my first 180 days of having an account.

I wasn’t upset that I didn’t get TRS. I am very upset that in the coincidental same days I was being evaluated for TRS, suddenly I am no longer receiving ANY leads.


Do you have confirmation from Fiverr that they move Level 2’s and TRS to give Level 0/1 a chance? I did read in forums that people hypothesize that might be what Fiverr does. But no one I spoke with had confirmation from Fiverr support that they do this.

It would make sense, because there are other level 2’s with lots of good reviews right next to me on the last pages of the search.

Thanks for you feedback!