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Went from Top Seller Evaluation to ZERO


Quite the opposite of a weekend for me


I love that the forum can help us feel like real people with real struggles, successes and yes family! Love the pic!

Everone, I am BACK ON PAGE 1 today!!! Wooot!!

I appreciate ALL of your help/feedback/stories. Your positive encouragement. Your specific courses of action.

I hope this thread serves to help and calm many sellers who experience this situation.

  • Note, my impressions from today are still showing pretty low, and I am still not receiving messages. But I have only noticed being back on the 1st page for the last few minutes. I will update again when those numbers begin to tick up as well.

Thank you all!!! Happy selling!


Glad to hear that and hopefully it continues that way! I believe the stats are quite delayed in reporting so will probably only properly update tomorrow for today’s if that makes sense.

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What was your motivation when copying another forum users post? (In this case, @enunciator ’s earlier post)


That’s the second occasion in about 2 hours time that devprince has plagiarized me…

I guess it’s a compliment to (basically) be quoted, but with no accreditation…


That’s great to hear!

sorry for this mistake, Actually I am a new user. don’t worry I will don’t do this Again

That’s good to heart that , happy for you and have a good selling :slight_smile:

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I am an old seller my all gigs are on last for a year and still there.
I contact with CS many times and didn’t get pastive response I have 900 reviews.
My main gig Do shopify store seo to increase shopify sales and ranking by Simiseo | Fiverr
I edit and cleaned all things but not working for me.
Please suggest me what should I do?
Thank you