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Were did my money go?

I tried to withdraw my first payment from fiverr 152.84$.
When i sent the money to payoneer. Before the payment was completed. The account got closed and the payment was cancelled. Now is my money with fiverr or payoneer ? And how can i claim it?

What’s you mean by account closed?

It would be good to know more details about this

What account got closed? Your payoneer account or fiverr account?

if you withdraw before your account got closed ? you should receive your money

My payoneer accout closed . And the money withdrawn was not an approved payment because they needed documents and payment was cancelled anx sent back to fiverr

Ask customer support this question.

Hi. You said that your money is sent back to fiverr, did’nt you?

I also meet the same situation. I do not know where did my money go and WHEN MONEY IS SENT BACK TO FIVERR AGAIN?


I am the same guy who started the topic but with a different account.
Thankfully the money can be re-claimed. With 2 simple steps

1st) you need to E-mail Payoneer customer support about the situation and ask them 2 questions most importantly.

Q1: who has the money? Was it refunded back to fiverr or is it frozen in the Payoneer account until it’s unbaned ?

Q2: How can i get my money back?
Also say things in the E-mail like. " i chose Payoneer over other amazing payment gateways such as paypal. I am Very Upset about the situation that you have put me in. I regret that i trusted your company. If there is anything that would make me feel better it’s to send my money back to me".

After sending the E-mail you need to wait some time. Payoneer customer support is really bad and it may take up to a week.
Here is where you send the email

2nd) After you get the response they will say most likely somthing Like this. ( we are sorry about that. Your money was refunded to fiverr. Please find a proper way to re-claim it with Fiverr customer support)

Fiverr has a way better team. You need to take a screen shot of the Payoneer E-mail. And send it to customer support confirming that the money is with fiverr.

Here is where to contact fiverr seller support.

Thank you and i hope i helped.
Send me some of that money if you get it :blue_heart::pray:

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