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We're fresh and new here but Our Cancellation Rate has became: 100%!

Hello guys, Recently, We have Experienced a very Bad trick & mean mind


fragglesrock <- this guy Sent us copyed & pasted text from our own logo INSTRUCTIONS

below is attatchment

copyed &
[ if you want to paste your new logo on your own background Please send us your background image file[jpg or png] and
description notepad text file. we will design and deliver within 2 days
If you have any questions and or comments regarding our work and availability, please feel free to contact us. pasted ]

"please cancel this. i am so hurry" <- fragglesrock's own words

As the result, the first & one time order by "fragglesrock, " made us fiver's bad credit seller
This guy deliberately reduced and pushed us to do mutual CANCELLATION PROCEDURE

To bad our cancellation rate is 100%

Please We strongly ask you to investigate to find out and correct and reset our seller credit, cancellation rate 100% to 0%

We believe that this FAKE ORDER case is bad behavior and cybotage Against innocent people here

And it will break credibility of the and it's community after all. Please FIX this fast!, Thank you for Reading!

Sheriff's note: calling out other users is not allowew in this forum, so please respect rules.

We are all regular users like you, so we cannot do anything on your account; you have to create a ticket on Customer Support site instead!

This guy didn’t copy and paste your description: new Fiverr feature for every gig is the opportunity for seller to require several points to buyer as order instructions.

Old gigs, if not modified, receive automatically the text written from seller in bold.

That said, you must create a ticket on Customer Support site: forum is not a replacement for it and Fiverr editors do not write on forum…

Thank you and sorry , mark74, I couldn’t find any related links for the issue, At First, So I posted it here and, I’d better get going to the Customer Support for the ticket

Reply to @mystic_insight: read this one: