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We're SO successful we can't pay you!

This irritates me for a number of reasons. For one, that they think they can just roll up on a level 2 seller and ask for free work after spending an entire message bragging about their success, and secondly this is obviously a cut and paste job that they’re probably sending to every single writer that can string a sentence together on this platform.

If you get 20, 30, more writers to each do a “pro bono” (which, btw, is a term that’s defined colloquially as a service that is offered proactively on the part of the service provider, not brass-ball requested from someone that doesn’t even a client yet) bam - you don’t even need to pay to have it done because it’s already done, and for free! What a deal! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

The absolute cheek of “boy we sure hope you don’t take this exploitation as exploitation teehee!”



I also love the transparent attempts to get free samples, “if this project is successful we have much more work!” Lol! I should start cutting and pasting these “free”lance troll requests into a document and share it here!

Promptly, I say, “Thank you for reaching out. I get asked for free samples every day so I changed my business policy to sending samples of recent projects instead. I can send you an MP3 or an MP4 of recent projects that are similar to the sample you need. Will this work for you?”

Most of the time they appreciate my honesty and respect my policy.

I even created a SAMPLE gig and just sent it a few days ago. The buyer was so happy with the results he wanted an offer for the entire project. Yay!!!

Saying NO TO FREE SAMPLES can be firm but fair.

However, on occasion I go against my own policy and send a sample and every one has resulted in paid work. It all depends on the ask! I am a person too and just use my instincts and experience.

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I agree with this; instincts, sometimes, goes a long way.

Since being on Fiverr, I realized that sometimes it’s also better to say no, and not take on a job. I’ve only ever had one 4.9 star rating, because the buyer didn’t review my samples and service description properly. From the moment he messaged, I had an ‘off’ feeling, but I still went on. Lesson learnt.

Absolutely, there are exceptions to everything, but I’ve yet to run across an exception I felt comfortable making here on Fiverr. The fact of the matter is that any client that is easy to work with and pays fairly doesn’t ask for free work, at least not in an expectant tone. I’ve gotten a few that are new to hiring freelance, and approached me with a “well how does this all work?” kind of thing, thinking I gave them work and -then- they’d pay me, but I’m happy to gently educate them in those cases.

If a company can’t afford to (or isn’t willing to) pony up $20 on spec/trial, that’s a clear indicator for me that they can’t afford me and I’ll be opening the door to exhausting “negotiations” if I move forward. No thanks :slight_smile: