"We're Sorry But Something Went Wrong" ERROR Message for Top Rated Seller


Hi everyone,

I am a Top Rated Seller and have been for around 4 months now, recently every time I click on ‘SALES’ Fiverr displays this message "We’re Sorry But Something Went Wrong…We’ve been notified about this issue and we’ll take a look at it shortly"

This also happens on TWO of my orders so I haven’t been able to get it touch with the buyer at all to tell them I can’t deliver to them.

I contacted Fiverr a week ago and they said they’d look into it but it is such an important part of workimg on Fiverr, I need it fixed ASAP as this is a problem their end not mine.

Just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem recently? Strangely It displays the message only on two of my orders and when I click ‘SALES’. Thank the lord I’ve managed to find a way to get my funds

Don’t mean to rant but I want to know if anyone else has had this problem too? I really hope Fiverr fix this ASAP


I’ve attached a screen shot


Hey hollick64

Good to see fellow Brits here. Usually when a server error has occurred you’ll get that message, not from experience clearing out your cache and cookies is a sure fire way to resolve it.

If that didn’t work, feel free to update your ticket with customer support and hopefully they’ll reply, lead times are slightly extended due to New Year and Xmas etc.

Hope it gets resolved, let us know how you get on




Hey Oz,

Thank you for the suggestions! Already tried that unfortunately, awaiting Fiverr’s message from the customer support ticket. Fingers crossed!

Best of luck with your gigs :slight_smile:

From a fellow Brit!