"We're sorry, but something went wrong."


I get this message, when I try to access my orders?!?! Why is that and what’s happening?

Also, my inbox is empty. All my messages and conversations are gone… Any ideas?


Same here and I have no idea. A glitch?


It happened yesterday for a few minutes, but today it takes alot more time. Wherever I click, I get this message…


Same here…this is my first time to use fiverr…does this happen often? I placed an order and cannot communicate with my seller.


Me, too. I did the log out/log in and the clearing of cookies thing, but it made no difference.


Reply to @ss50309: No, not often. It should remedy itself soon :slight_smile:


Me too, but is Fixed now :slight_smile: few minutes ago


I’m fairly well caught up with orders, none due in the next twelve hours or so. But this is one of those times when I wish buyers had a “contact” button when you click on their profiles. It’d be nice to give them a heads up and let them know we are unable to connect to the purchase page at the moment just in case they’ve sent any correspondences.


Reply to @aldodel: Yes! Mine is fixed as well.


I hope this doesn’t happen very often… I got 10 orders today and this is the last thing I need…