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We're taking a really short break


“We’re taking a really short break.
For a quick coffee, biscuits and server maintenance.
We’ll be right back. Promise.”

You guys have been on a break for 3 hours how many biscuits are you eating :confused:


They should give us a Starbucks coupon every time they go on a break :smile:


I am tired of this. I have to deliver my orders… whenever I click on “deliver now” button it says we are on break… seriously…


That sounds delicious! I’m all for it. :smiley:


I wanted to give this post a dozen or so hearts, but couldn´t log in. Could log in finally, but yet only 1 heart possible unfortunately for this best of all forum suggestions, it´s in the wrong category though, Mods, please shove it over to ‘Fiverr Site Suggestions’.


I wanna bake biscuits! :slight_smile:


Can anyone tell me what about the late deliveries that is caused by such 'Short Break" ?!


So… are we not GETTING SHIT DONE?

Delicious irony.


I think this is a glitch and not an actual maintenance. Reason why am saying this is because when I get that message and change my net speed from 4G to 3G the message disappears.


its so annoying , its goes offline when i chat withh buyers


it seems a Lunch Break!


I still can’t access the site, anyone else having the same problem?


I had, but since I could log in on another browser I figured it was time for another cache clearing in my usual one, and then it worked again on that too. Try that. :slight_smile:


Works fine for me. As @miiila iiila said try clearing your browser :wink:


I can access it just fine. Clearing the cache, as @miiila suggested, might help, or just reloading the page (reloading worked for me yesterday).


Got it! Phew that scared me lol


Now I don’t seem to get any notification, for the dashboard or the inbox.
I’m wondering if anyone from Fiverr Team is reading this forum thread or if we’re just wasting time complaining. And if they do, could we receive any actual answer besides “we’re out for coffee”? Are customers informed about this issue? It’s not cool to hide it and make us responsible for late deliveries.


They were checking out the Pewdiepie thread for a fact. I’m sure they browse around the forums occasionally.


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