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We're working on it?!

Is anyone else getting this? I’ve tried placing 3 different orders, complete all the steps and then finally when I return to fiver I get the “We’re working on it” message and it’s just stuck there. It never charges my CC or Paypal account.

What’s going here? Is this a system glitch?

Yes, I’m also experiencing this. August 5th, 2014.

I imagine it’s a systems glitch. Frustrating of course. Grrrr.

OK. I’m getting this now. Aug 18th, 2014.

It’s a real pain :frowning: Paypal have taken the money - but still waiting for this message to clear…

How long did it take to clear? I’ve been waiting a few hours now…

just got this for the first time today. Curious how long it’s gonna take as well. Guess I gotta wait on the next couple orders??

Pretty annoying…


I also received this message today. It’s only been an hour, but same as the previous poster, it seems that the funds have cleared my account. Does anyone know how long it takes for this to be resolved?



Getting this issue too, twice using PayPal (wasn’t billed) and once using a CC (was billed) - but still no order was created. Showed a notification that the seller needed more info, but no order page was created so I’m not yet able to respond. Filed a support ticket but no response yet.

Over 24 hours and I’m still wondering what to do… This is ridiculous.

A few hours, no problem… Over a day is insane, expecially with no response… I’m trying to run a real business and it’s hard when you rely on this kind of service?

What’s the word Fiverr?

Ditto. This has happened to me three times. Disappointed that Fiverr hasn’t responded on this thread with a solution.

Please contact customer support to report the issue.

I got this three times. I opened up a ticket and it has been two days and nothing. Ridiculous!