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Were you involved in a poll? How does fiverr come up with their ne stats?


Fiverr states that “76% of FIVERR users are under the age of 35!″

Isn’t that amazing?

I find it intriguing to know that the younger generation is breaking the fold their ancestors set.

My question is, how does Fiverr know this?

We don’t require age to sign up, and I wasn’t involved in a poll. Hence the reason I am asking my question!



Good question.
Well as far as I know, some Analytics sites can measure the visitors to your site’s age, sex and other visitor related statistics. How they know these things are beyond me, but I do know I’ve seen statistics like these in google Analytics for example. So perhaps they base it on that. :slight_smile:


…Fiverr has now partnered with NSA ;)) Hehe. Mods, please don’t ban me for this comment.

But I have not heard of or done any survey.