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We've moved your gig - thanks for nothing

I’ve had this happen a few times now - fiverr decides your gig belongs somewhere else.

The most recent example of this has changed what was previously a great performing gig with a prominent position at the top of a fiverr category and almost daily sales into an invisible gig that has now fallen away to virtually zero sales.

I’ve been monitoring this for a few months so it’s not just a Christmas/holiday lul.

I simply can’t understand why a gig that was performing really well has been sabotaged in such a pointless way. If it’s purely algorithms at work - then it needs tweaking. If humans are making these decisions then they’re clueless.


May I ask where the gig was moved from and to?

Moved from video to digital marketing.

hmm, if you had sales, it means people were actually looking for that gig, no matter in which category it was in…

If the change happened indeed, you should have been told at least, I agree.

Yes, it had great sales as it appeared way at the top of the section, typically in the first 3 or 4 gigs. Ironically, fiverr had moved it there themselves and informed me to update gig details accordingly…

Then after a period, they told me they’d moved it back to its original category. And impressions are minimal and sales have gone to zero.

It really doesn’t make any sense.

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it’s very possible they made a simple mistake, but not on purpose

i.e. they didn’t want to hurt the exposure, but they did

as long as they sent a message though

just saying…

I’m so sorry this happened! Hoping things pick up for your gig.

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