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"We've Moved Your Gig! Update Metadata and Pricing ASAP" ?!

Sorry if this topic is already posted. I looked for it but i could not find it so that is why creating a new topic i just had this notification that says

“We’ve Moved Your Gig! Update Metadata and Pricing ASAP”

I clicked on the notification and it opened one of my gigs but thing is everything is still the same there. From Gig Category to Pricing

Has anyone had this notification before? what does that mean?


Not me. image


Today i checked they Moved my gig Sub Category from “Promotional Video” to “Whiteboard & Explainer Video” which is very strange since it is neither a Whiteboard or Explainer gig.

Another fellow had the same issue and was told by CS that “We’ve launched a new Sub Category, that’s just perfect for your Gig, so we’ve updated your Gig placement. What does this mean for you? Better visibility and the potential for more sales. But you need to update your metadata and pricing attributes in order to make it happen. Doing so now will ensure your Gig’s performing at its best in its new home.”

But i am pretty sure my GIG is not suitable for the Category it is in right now.


Yes, I have got this same message for one of my best selling Gig. I also don’t understand what that means.

I understand that Fiverr team does this good for us but they should mentioned exactly which subcategory or what price information they wants us to change.

If anyone understand, Please Please Help!!!

Thanks in Advanced

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Got the same notification but can’t see anything changed, it’s same as it was before.

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Yes, but the message is still in your email message box.

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Totally agree with you. No heads up. No Forum about such moves. No choice in the mandatory move. Then they lock the gig in a category so you can’t move it. But Fiverr doesn’t account for the drop in business, both to the Seller and to Fiverr. So Fiverr hurts themselves and not just the Seller. The moves need to be coordinated with the Seller not just a mandatory move without any coordination with the Seller. It is called, respect. Fiverr does not appear to respect Sellers since this forced moved has no feedback, no choice and no discussion


Me. But i am still like WT??? do not know what it means.

I had also got the same notification. Kindly please anyone, help and suggest a solution to solve out the problem.

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