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Wha if i make 7 gigs in different fields instead of one in specific category?

hey sellers! I need your tips and tricks, please. I didn’t get the proper response and attention of the buyer as I am at fiver with more than one year and got only 3 orders. what should I do to get orders? whether I make gigs on different niches or should be specified in one niche. I have learned web development, whiteboard animation and writing as well but at Fiverr, I am just doing the writing. so what’s better for me. should I make different gigs in different categories or remain in one category?.

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I have the same query.

If you’re offering writing, you should watch your punctuation. Both your forum posts and your gig descriptions are full of errors.

Perhaps you could offer something else instead?


@catwriter Please answer OP’s question if you can .
I’m looking forward to your response.

She already did!

The OP asked:

And @catwriter pointed out that writing might not be something he’s good at (and offering such services on Fiverr will harm his Fiverr profile… you know… cuz of bad reviews/ratings). So, she said:

This might not be obvious, but she is helping the OP out by pointing out that he is better off offering to do something else that he is better at.


@hanshuber16 . Sadly, you missed OP’s original question too.
His question was never about “writing” . BTW, OP mentioned other skills . and i’m still wondering why ya’ll only talking about “writing” .
Please refer to the thread’s topic , that’s their question.
Just like the op ,I wish to know the answer to this question too . Thank you

Because that’s what the OP is offering right now.

It’s fine to make gigs in different categories, as long as you’re good at what you’re offering.


That’s because his writing skills are the only skills that we can directly assess based on his posts/responses, and we just wanted to point out that he might be better off not offering writing services. I don’t know how good/bad he is at the other skills he has mentioned; so I cannot really comment on them.

My suggestion would be to focus on the skills that you are exceptional at and only offer services that require/make use of those skills.

I would also suggest that you improve your profile/gigs. The forum and the seller help center have tons of tips/suggestions on how to improve your profile/gigs. Please go through them and do whatever is necessary to improve your profile/gigs.

Good luck! :sunny:


@catwriter, ThAnk you!