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What 5 things are most important for newbies

Let’s take this gig as an example:

1. Title of the Gig:

Use powerful words that describes what you will do for the buyer.

2. Keywords:

Do proper keyword research, search on google and check what people use to search for that service?

3. Images:

Don’t use pixelated images. Use high-res images.
Don’t use stock images.
Don’t put Fiverr badges on your gig image,

4. About this Gig:

Here tell people what you can do. Briefly describe the gig, include what buyer will get from you ? and in the last share your experience.


Use FAQs slots. Add questions and answers that your buyer is thinking before purchasing your service.

Best of luck to all newbies. If people request ideas on how to improve their gigs, refer them back to this thread.

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how i will get order in fiverr

Keep trying dear … Bid regularly …reply fast to buyer… communicate well. And follow these guidelines for improving gig. Also do check the link i provided in this article.

yes… need improvements in your gig title… do proper research … Thanks

What could be sir ??

read my this post again and again to understand

thank you sir . i under stood and change my title.

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