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What a crook


disregard the recommendation dudes a crook dont buy


Reply to @zeus777: the dude was new I honestly had doubts I really did not expect a good logo because I only paid him 5 I only needed a concept I normally am not that cheap ( I sure didn’t expect a stolen logo though :S ). but when he sent me 3 different formats and colors I was like uhh wow way too good to be true. it was the 25th picture for google search berry logo… he didn’t even try.

I reported him and got a refund in less than 24 hours :slight_smile: thank you fiverr CS I appreciate it.


I’m assuming you reported this guy, I wonder if CS will close his account???

I bet he’s done this many times before!


Ah, this looks great! :smiley:

Good for you!

I wish there a raspberry that was actually that big…


SO MUCH for a real logo what a crook! I should have known


OH NO… what a je*k …I hope you find a better guy next time!!